Prime Minister’s Questions

26 October 2016: Our MP was chosen to ask a question during today’s session of PMQ. You are welcome to comment below.

Christopher Chope OBE, MP

Christopher Chope OBE MPMr Speaker, twenty years ago a Conservative government agreed that Christchurch and East Dorset Councils could retain their sovereignty, independence and control over their own destiny. Will my Right Honourable friend assure the House that the Government will not agree to the abolition of Christchurch or East Dorset Councils against the will of my constituents.

Rt Hon Theresa May, MP, The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, Theresa May MP My Right Honourable friend is right to speak up for his constituents, and he’s also right that there isn’t a single model that is going to work in every part of the country. That’s why we believe it’s important for local people to come together and determine what is right for them. I know my Right Honourable friend is trying to build a consensus in Dorset as to what the right way forward is. I think it’s right that local people are able to respond to the consultation and that their concerns are listened to.

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