Wharncliffe Road Flats

A proposal has been lodged to demolish two houses and build flats: ‘Demolition of existing properties and erection of two blocks of apartments (Block A 7 apartments and Block B 6 apartments) together with associated parking and access.’ The developer states that ‘… the proposal is of a mass and scale which is comparable to the established character of the area.’ This is true: they are definitely upmarket! Click to view the planning application.
The houses. Click for a larger image. The header picture shows the view
This is an artist’s impression of what the new flats should look like. Note that the tree will be preserved. Here are two objections (my bold): (Waterford Gardens resident): In response to your letter with regard to the planning application for the development of 26 and 28 Wharncliffe Road, I wish to object to more destruction of well maintained family homes to build more flats. It would seem that the beauty of Highcliffe’s residential area is being destroyed to fulfil an apparent need for expensive flats, when there are so many in the area on the market unsold. These particular flats with bedroom windows overlooking our property will take away our privacy. Please give a thought to the heritage of this area in the decisions you make. 


(Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council makes the following comments on the development proposed under application number 8/19/1282/FUL):
  • Two viable family properties have been removed from the housing stock
  • This development adds to another set of flats in the Village to those already developed or proposed, creating a high density of housing. This is a concern as recent flat developments are not selling leaving a village with unoccupied properties.
  • The developments are intrusive in terms of the windows looking to the houses to the rear. There is insufficient residents parking that may result in on road parking.
  • We wish these comments to be taken into account when the application is considered.