The Oaks

30 June 2019 – Opening Tomorrow

It’s been a long job but a fantastic job. The picture below shows the scene this morning, a bright cloudy day. The Oaks was, of course, originally The Galleon (see lower down), and this page has now been renamed. The header picture has also been changed, and this page moved to Completed Projects on the planning index.
Click for a larger image – around 600K – 2000px wide

20 June 2019 – Looking Fantastic!

This is what it looks like today. Less than two weeks to go before it opens on July 1.
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Breaking news – 6 June 2019 – Opening Date Confirmed

The two pictures below show The Oaks as it was today. I will try to get a picture when there are not so many vans there. The picture at the very bottom of this page shows it was it was.
The new, very busy, Oaks
A lot of workmen
There is an article in today’s Echo (6 June 2019), in which we are told that it will be opening on July 1st. I can do no better than to quote from that article: ‘Representatives from the White Brasserie Company say the menu will feature chicken liver parfait, Wyke Farm cheddar cheese soufflé, duck confit, boeuf bourguignon and chateaubriand. ‘Diners can also try gunpowder chicken with papaya salad, Moroccan lamb tagine and Malabar fish curry with toasted coconut, as well as smoked salmon and haddock fishcakes, pie and Sunday roasts bottomless gravy. ‘Three colourful beach huts will stand outside the venue, and there will also be a decked outdoor seating area with festoon lighting.’ Should be good!


Sunday, 9 June They are very keen! I was there today before 8am and the workmen were already starting. The picture below is a slightly better view. It does look impressive.
Click for a larger image, around 240K

Hopefully Next Month – 11 May 2019

It is worth looking at The Oaks (née The Galleon) website. It looks good, and should be opening in June. The picture below is for old time’s sake! Click to see the new website.
The Galleon at Christmas 2018.
Click to go to the Oaks website.

Moving on Apace – 3 May 2019

There have been many changes since the initial post, below. The Galleon sign has been removed, the building is covered in scaffolding, and the whole exterior is having a facelift. There is no doubt more work going on which, sadly, must remain unnoticed until the opening. When I have more information I will, of course, publish on this page.
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What is to Happen?

It has been proposed that famous restaurateur Raymond Blanc is to take over The Galleon in Highcliffe. It has had an insecure time in the last couple of years, culminating in closure in spring last year. The planning documents are here. The proposal is that it is to be renamed ‘The Oaks.’ Here is an image from the documents: notice the spelling mistake, bottom right!
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This has had some support from local people involved with Highcliffe. For example, the Chairman of the Highcliffe Food Festival said, ‘This is a wonderful opportunity to bring someone of … calibre to the village. … it is a boost for the food festival and hopefully they will want to be involved.’ Jane Dean, communications officer for the Highcliffe Action Team, said, ‘… it will be lovely to enjoy a little taste of France in our corner of the world.’ There is no suggested opening date yet. Comments can be made on the signage until February 1.
Raymond Blanc at the opening of his restaurant at the Highcliff Marriott in Bournemouth
The Galleon at Christmas 2018