Steamer Point

28 March 2021

It is reported in the Bournemouth Echo on March 23 that the proposal has been refused. BCP council has rejected it because it would not be in keeping with its position on the clifftop, together with the removal of trees, though people have accepted that it will be developed. Cllr Steve Barron said, ‘The sheer massing is completely out of keeping for the area. If it was an application on the West Cliff in Bournemouth I’d be looking at it very differently.

To be honest, it does not look great as it is!

12 September 2019 – Further progress?

On the front page of today’s Christchurch Times it is reported that there is to be a mixture of 29 homes, consisting of a block of 17 flats and 12 houses. There will be 88 parking spaces. The Director of Pennyfarthing Homes, Ben Arnold, said, ‘Our proposal represents a fantastic opportunity to regenerate a vacant, brownfield site which has been run down for a number of years. We are seeking to create a landmark scheme for Christchurch which meets the exemplary design we have built our reputation on.’ Click the image below to see the planning application. There have been a lot of changes, so I can only hope that this is the correct elevation. This is for 19 flats – there is nothing in the application about 17.

More News – 25 June 2019

It is reported in The Echo that there has been more vandalism at this site. This is the  headline: It’s a horrible situation: Vandals smash windows and spray graffiti all over empty coastguard building. I will not quote the complete article, which has a link above. However, Cllr Paul Hillyard has described the situation: ‘The council is working with other partner agencies, including police and fire to identify the culprits.  As the former coastguard training facility is private property the owners also have a responsibility to make the site secure. ‘It is coming up to the end of exams and the evenings are getting lighter, which seems to bring an increase in problems. It is a known issue and we are working to try and manage the situation going forward.’
There are more pictures in The Echo article. Click this one to go to the article
On a personal note, when I took the photographs yesterday I thought it was very secure, with strong fencing. It can be seen in the picture below, and the one below that had to be taken by poking the lens against the wire and making the picture long and thin. Obviously I am not skilled in trespass!

Background – 24 June 2019

This is an article in the Echo about the proposed development. Steamer Point is a well-known nature reserves, part of which was important in the Second World War defences. The section proposed for development is shown in this plan.
Steamer Point – the area proposed for development
As you can see from the plan, and the other pictures on this page, the area is not accessible for the public, and is rather run-down. The header picture shows the boundary fencing.  There is some evidence of past vandalism, though it is very secure now.
Broken windows
Tight security
The view from the car park (see plan)
This development is by Pennyfarthing Homes, and they have created an excellent dedicated website here. Read the actual proposal in some detail: it includes 29 new homes, 12 detached and semi-detached and 17 apartments. I do recommend that you go to the previous link to see complete details.