Two Riversmeet Skate Park

A Dull but Important Afterthought – July 2019

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This was probably already installed at the opening, but I hadn’t noticed it. There is a water fountain just near the park and it was pleasing to see it in frequent use, especially in this exceptionally hot weather, which could actually set a record in the next few days. Well done, the Council.

It’s Done!

In the Christchurch Times, 30 May 2019, there was an interesting article about the new skate park at Two Riversmeet. To be honest, I could have guessed that it was functioning, because as I walked into town I saw no fewer than three incredibly cool teenagers bedecked with skateboards, heading in that direction! The park was very impressive, and the article states that there is a quarter pipe, floating ledge, flat bank, snow plough hip and a bowled quarter pipe. No, I don’t know what they are, either! There was an official opening on Saturday, June 8, by Alex Decunha, an Olympic hopeful. See a YouTube video of him in action in California (where else!) here. There are also some excellent photographs from The Echo here – click the picture on the left to see more and a very good article.
The opening day. Click for a larger image
The approach
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Great Progress – 26 April

It was a surprise to have a newsletter from BCP with various updates about local projects. I had forgotten that I had signed up, and it is really good. You can sign up here, and even choose the topics and districts you wish to be informed about. Here is the Facebook page about this. ‘Work is progressing well on the 2 Riversmeet Skatepark. They are currently halfway through their 10 week build, with the concrete ramps starting to take shape. The area, which will include floodlights and a refurbished BMX Track, is on target to complete around the end of May.’ Here is the scene this morning.
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19 March You may remember that there is to be development of the facilities at the centre. Well, it is moving on apace. The old skateboard park is now no more, and a new one is being created at the end, near the old golf course. This was the scene on Tuesday, 19 March:
The old park
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The new one is now under way
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Here is the proposed plan for the development. The photograph is not good quality, but should give you an idea. I was told that these are available on the website, but this was incorrect. However, for now click the picture to go to the site.