More Retirement Flats?

Update, 29 April: Interestingly, the previous application was for 48 flats. There is another article in today’s online Echo. Having looked again at the application, there are now thirteen objections. I begin by quoting from the Echo, 18 April 2019. This is on the list of planning applications. Demolition of existing buildings and erection of three-storey residential building (38 retirement units) with associated access and parking. 1 & 3 Seaton Road and 424, 426 and 428 Lymington Road, Highcliffe. Most of these applications are minor, but this one stood out. Currently it is only a proposal, and there are a number of objections, including the large number of elderly residents already and the inability of the infrastructure to cope. Parking is also difficult in that area, and only 25 spaces have been allocated for the development. Here is one of the objections: ‘There are a number of retirement properties within Highcliffe town centre and surrounding areas already. I believe the average age of residents is about 90 already!!! The doctors’ surgery already struggles to cope with the numbers and this is another development which destroys the shops and look of the area as well as the economy, prices out younger people from the area and puts added strain on the already struggling services in the village/town.’ As I say, it only a proposal. These are the buildings which would be demolished:
426 & 428 Lymington Road
424 Lymington Road
3 (left) and 1 Seaton Road
Finally, here is what it might look like. Another proposal is to demolish 5, Seaton Road, but this is just for a replacement house, so is not included here.
Highcliffe Development