Local McDonald’s Reinvented!

Today, 17 October, the McDonald’s on Somerford Road reopened. It had been closed for some days so that it could be transformed into what looks like a state-of-the-art establishment. The pictures here were taken during the morning’s opening.

Among the improvements:

  • A wall has been removed and the inside redesigned
  • More space has been created, increasing the seats by 90 to over 200.
  • There is a new kitchen.
  • The decor has been improved.
  • There is an excellent children’s play area.

This just describes a fraction of the changes: you should go and see for yourselves! Of course, the franchisee Tony Bennett (yes really) was there, as was the manager Prezzy – or Mr Chrostowski if you prefer! A challenge for you: spot the difference between the picture above and the one below. Obviously a very happy customer likes what he sees! It must have been tremendously hard work producing this transformation. The workmen had a rest too, justifiably proud of the result. And it’s not just a place to eat. There is an excellent active area for the youngsters. Naturally, of course, the children are the responsibility of the parents while they play. Thanks also to the young man who turned his game round for the photograph. It was nice next day to see a waiting mother and son sharing time here while waiting for their order. Some suitable relaxation for the grown-ups, too. Many in the local community were present at the opening. Below is Denise Jones, Councillor for Grange Ward.

So altogether a great addition to the local area. Use, and enjoy!

There are more pictures below. If you would like a better resolution, click and choose ‘View Full Size’. (This does not work on the pictures above.) Size – 2100px by 1500px, 300 dpi, file size around 700K. 5″x7″ No copyright, free to enjoy.