Christchurch Emporium

It was reported in The Echo on 3 December that planning permission has been granted to demolish this building and replace it with a three-storey office block. It is described as: Outline Application with access and scale for consideration for the demolition of the existing building and the erection of a three storey office (B1) building. Although it looks rather run-down from the outside, inside there is an enormous range of goods, some of them of historical interest going back to my childhood and even before.

I always enjoy looking around, and some photographs are below. Click on any to see bigger versions, and View Full Size (bottom right) to get the original. These were taken on my phone, as I did not want to appear too obvious with a huge camera!

I asked at the desk if the rumour was true and was told forcefully that, as it says in the article, this is very much a first stage.

Here is some background information, taken from the Echo article linked above:

Christchurch Emporium opened in April 2015 but did so without having planning permission in place. The ensuing planning process ended in 2017 when the ground floor was allowed to be used for a mixture of retail, café, office and storage uses. Temporary permission was granted by Christchurch council’s planning committee. But months later the application to demolish the former factory building was submitted

You can see the documents here. As there are no definite plans yet, here is a document from September 2018 giving an indication of the issues. There are a few objections, which can be read on the application.