It was reported in the Bournemouth Echo (5 Sept 2019) that these buildings in Airfield Way are to be made into 85 smaller units. From the article:

‘In June this year, BizSpace applied to BCP Council for their internal conversion due to a lack of interest from businesses looking to take them on in their current form.

‘Economic development officers at the council gave their backing to the scheme, saying there was an identified need for units for smaller businesses … It is evident that there is a demand for smaller units within Christchurch which is currently unmet … It is reasonable to conclude that larger commercial floor areas are available for rent or purchase, and it is the smaller units for which demand exceeds supply.’

 There will be no exterior work on the buildings, the purpose is to produce these small units by dividing and improving the inside. There are to be used only by ‘office-based or light industrial businesses.’  There is, of course, plenty of parking.

22 September

The pictures below are not very good, they were taken with the camera pressed against the window on a rainy Sunday. However, they show that work on the inside is progressing apace. Click each one for a larger image.

18 December

Done, and – Partly – in Use

At least one is already in use

The interior pictures here are, once more, not so good. Most of the units seem ready, but sadly the blinds were drawn on all but the one above. Its was a very quick picture, as there was a warning about security and CCTV, so the camera was quickly against the glass. A quick click and I was gone, and with the background out of focus. Anyway, here are two shots from the outside. It does look impressive.

However, there are some excellent pictures on the BizSpace website.