Christchurch Post Office

April 2016 – August 2017

At the beginning of April 2016 the town Post Office closed its doors. This was because it was no longer financially viable. The owner had cited problems such as high rents and business rates, and services such as passport and driving licence applications being available online. The last, of course, is an increasing characteristic of modern times. Today, January 16, I ventured on a showery day to Saxon Square to have a look at the location of our new Post Office. While taking the pictures I admit that I was eavesdropping, and it was obvious from the number of people who stopped to look and discuss it that this was to be a very welcome addition to Christchurch. As usual, click the picture for a larger version. Christchurch Post Office in Saxon Square After I had finished I had the pleasure of meeting the new Postmaster. Christchurch New Postmaster in PooleHis name is Hiren Modi. Credit to the Post Office, they were so concerned about the paucity of applicants for this role that they contacted him, as they knew of his experience of running a Post Office. So he came over one day, he liked what he saw, and all was done and dusted immediately. Click the picture for a 2014 Echo article about his Poole establishment. As well as Post Office functions, it will sell stationery and cards. He is confident that this will be a great addition to Christchurch. Perhaps even more important, it will be viable. Having spoken to him, I share his confidence and enthusiasm, but remember – as with all Post Offices, use it or lose it!
Hiren Modi at his new Post Office
About to return to work!

Update, 18 January It’s well under way! Mr Modi was there preparing for the opening on Monday, 5 February. Below you can see one of the counters in progress. Christchurch Post Office counter 1 February – Action! Although the Post Office was not open today, it was good to see the finishing touches being completed. Mr Modi was there while the men from Post Office were putting up the signage.
Christchurch Post Office
Getting there!
Unfortunately the wrong struts had been delivered, so there had been a delay with this. Tomorrow it is hoped that the computers will be booted up and connected to the system. That, with configuration, will take a couple of hours. He hopes to try a couple of transactions before, but the aim – to be safe – is for the Post Office to officially open on Monday, 5 February, at 9am. I’ll be there! 5 February – All’s well that ends well! It’s open! 9am, and a cold frosty Monday morning. Well done to Mr Modi and all those who have worked to give Christchurch its Post Office once more!
Christchurch Post Office opening
It’s 9am, and Mr Modi opens the door for the first time. Only the signs to finish.
Christchurch Post Office opening
The first customer, getting some foreign currency


An article was in last week’s Christchurch Times newspaper (February 15), Unfortunately as I did not know about this opening (Friday 9 February) I was not present. There is a low-resolution photograph of Page 2 below. As the next issue is on sale and it was not published online, their text is now reproduced below the picture.
Sir Chris Chope - Christchurch Post Office
From the Christchurch Times, 15 February 2018. No larger version
CHRISTCHURCH’S Post Office has been officially opened. MP Sir Chris Chope cut the ribbon of the branch in Saxon Square on Friday.  The Post Office in Church Street closed some 21 months ago. Postmaster Hiren Modi already operates branches in Poole and Bournemouth. Sir Chris said, “This is a very special day with the official opening of this great-looking Post Office and store in the town centre.The community is absolutely delighted to have a Post Office in the heart of the shopping centre again.” The branch is now open Monday to Saturday between 9am and 5.30pm. Sarah Cottrell, network operations area manager, said: “We are delighted to be able to restore Post Office services to the centre of Christchurch with a very experienced postmaster. The re-opening of the branch will make it easier for customers to get their cash, send and collect their mail and do their banking. We know how important these services are to local residents. We are confident that this vibrant new-style Post Office at the heart of the local community will meet customer need and will secure services for the future.”
22 June – Bad News It has been reported in The Echo today that the Post Office is closed. The length of the closure, and the reasons for it, are unclear. The article indicates some possibilities. It could be a problem with the computer system. Time will tell. The left-hand sign below reads:

This Post Office branch is temporarily closed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances this branch is closed until further notice. As an alternative you may wish to use the Post Office branches listed below. Post Office Motor Vehicle licence issuing branch
  • Purewell Cross BH23 3PL – Post Office non MVL Branch
  • Stourvale BH23 2AW – Post Office non MVL Branch
  • Tuckton BH6 3JX
We apologise for any inconvenience. The right-hand sign below reads: Sorry for inconvenience. Due to technical glitch & system issue we are unable to open today we will re-open as soon as we can [sic].
Christchurch Post Office - Closed
The Post Office on Saturday, June 23
Click for a larger picture

3 July: Not good news. Echo article 8 July: People disappointed! On Thursday (July 5), in the Christchurch Times, the back page had more of their interesting interviews. Nine people were asked for their thoughts. I was going to do a fancy chart of those who were disappointed, those who were fine about it, and those who didn’t mind. However, it is pointless. Unsurprisingly everyone was disappointed, angry or upset. Here are four of the comments, two mild, two angry, all disappointed:
  • I never had any problems using the Post Office since it opened a couple of months ago. It was easy to use and everyone was really nice.
  • I think it is disgraceful. No one can hold the Post Office to account, and it is so difficult for the people running it to make money.
  • We need a Post Office in the town centre. All the stuff in there were very friendly. Hopefully it will be back soon.
  •  It is terrible for the Post Office to be closed. It had not been open for long. It is an absolute disgrace.

30 July A little news, but no new hope! Just some helpful advice about undelivered parcels!
Still not open.
Click for larger version (1500px wide)

2 August Fairly detailed article in The Echo about this – and two others of Mr Modi!
20 August Surprise, surprise! The Post Office reopens. Read The Echo
Good news – for now.
Picture taken Monday, 20 August
Here is what the Post Office said about it: We are pleased to announce that we have been able to restore a Post Office in central Christchurch, which had been temporarily closed due to operational reasons. The branch reopened on August 17 at its previous location. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure.
23 August Today there was another of the well-known interviews in the Christchurch Times, where nine members of the public are asked their opinions. Here are three of them – to read the rest you will have to buy a copy of the paper. It’s been here, then gone again – but it is important for the town. The whole community uses the Post Office. People specifically come into town to use it. It is not just the older people who want the Post Office to stay here. I do a lot of selling on eBay so I need somewhere to be able to go and actually physically post parcels. Let’s face it, this is a retirement town, so we must have a Post Office. We need a Post Office a lot more than the hundreds of coffee shops going up everywhere.
Before Christmas a Post Office had opened in Highcliffe, in Occasions Card Shop. Open six days a week, it is proving very popular.