Chiropractic Clinic

7 February

And Again!

A third planning application has been put in. Originally planned for eleven flats, it was then reduced to seven. Those having failed, the new application has only six! Here is a link to the latest application.
To give you an idea. See the full application (link above) for more.

3 January 2020

In today’s Echo it is reported that the plans have been rejected. The Planning Committee unanimously rejected them as out of character for the area. The original plans had been scaled down, but the reasons for refusal were summoned up by Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Cox. He said that it is … out of proportion to neighbouring properties and insufficient parking is provided on site putting pressure on already congested roads. Previous applications have been rejected by Christchurch Borough Council for similar reasons and are counter to local planning policies.
Click for a larger image

20 June 2019

It is reported in today’s Christchurch Times that the proposal has been turned down, on the grounds that it would be ‘visually intrusive’ and cause ‘unacceptable harm’ to the living conditions of people in neighbouring properties, with parking also being a serious issue. Holten Homes have submitted a smaller scheme, but that doesn’t not appear to be online yet. However, the Council planning information is here, and you can read the objections there.

March 2, 2019

Plans have been submitted to demolish this building and build – yes, you guessed it! – more flats. Here are two quotes from the Christchurch Times: ‘Holton Homes initially sought permission for proposals to replace Christchurch Chiropractic Centre in Twynham Avene with a four-storey block of 11 flats in April last year. Planning officers are yet to reach a verdict on the scheme, which was met with a spate of objections from residents in the area near the town centre. However, the property firm has now put forward a smaller proposal for a three-storey building of seven flats.’ And here is a local objection, stimulating the revised proposal: ‘… several complaints have already been raised, including from a doctors’ surgery. Faye Francombe, Stour Surgery’s practice manager, wrote: “There are also two other developments locally which will affect us, Christchurch Police Station and John Reid & Son which will see approximately 200 new dwellings. Stour Surgery is at maximum capacity, please advise what provisions are in place for the people who buy these properties.” [My bold] The chiropractic clinic is understood to have been the former home of the inventor of the Bailey bridge, Sir Donald Bailey.’  The planning application is here. Here is a Christchurch Times article. A current picture of the clinic is on the header, and the proposed elevations are below (click for a larger version).