The Noisy Lobster

It Looks Great!

As I write this, on 20 October, an apology is due. The Noisy Lobster terrace is open, and as you can see from the picture below, the roof terrace is very popular indeed.

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As I said, I have been rather slow with this update, though I knew about it on August 9, the date the picture was taken! It has been a fantastic transformation (compare it with the header image), and the views out to sea are great.

Go to their website, in a new window, by clicking below.

Application Approved

I should have checked this before, but yesterday while walking to the Quay, I saw that work was taking place to build a terrace. You can see details of this below. On checking the application I saw that it was approved on February 20 (view document).

9 July 2020

On their website it says it will be open on July 17. I’m sure we all wish them well.

Background – from September 2019

The Noisy Lobster is a well-known and deservedly popular attraction at Avon Beach. For some time there has been a proposal to add a first floor terrace with view of the beach and sea. According to The Echo, there have been twenty-one applications for this site in the last ten years.

There have also been over forty objections to this latest proposal. The main worry is that it would become more intrusive.

Cllr Lesley Dedman said:

‘The residents are very much worried about the new parts of the building  … It has gone from being a small beach hut cafe to being a massive complex of buildings … Avon Beach is a lovely secluded beach and we very much want to keep it that way.’

The application can be seen here.

Click for a much larger version, which opens in a new window. Taken from the planning documents, link in text above.