20 Chewton Farm Road

January 16, 2021

As you can see from the slideshow below the bungalow is still there, and as smart as ever. It is inhabited, you can see post on the box on the right. It appears to have failed, as the image below, from BCP Planning, shows:

April 27, 2020

I was very surprised to read in the Bournemouth Echo today that a planning application has been lodged to demolish 20 Chewton Farm Road and replace it with a block of fourteen luxury apartments. The header image shows the rural nature of that road (the world famous Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa is also there, near the Highcliffe end and before the road narrows). The picture below shows this road and the header image is a rather poor panorama taken from outside number 20.

Chewton Farm Road from outside the bungalow .Click for a much larger image.

I was surprised to see this bungalow when I walked past this morning (2 May). It looks fantastic!

And the two neighbouring houses aren’t at all bad, either:

As you can see, it is quite smart, but more significantly the road is narrow and there are also traffic calming chicanes along it. With 14 apartments, the traffic will be considerable, so I was quite surprised to see this application. There have been numerous objections – too many for me to count – and they are available if you look at the application. One of them is shown below, and a large number, perhaps surprisingly, are from people who live outside the immediate locality.

One objection: I was horrified to see the greedy over development plans submitted for no. 20. The sheer size of the building will block the light and completely overshadow us. We will be overlooked where we have not been before. It is completely out of character for the area which is made up of single dwellings and large gardens. Chewton Farm Estate is a special site which is protected by two Planning Policies (H9 and H12) which the council itself said is worthy of protection. We strongly object to this proposal.

The proposed development