165 Lymington Road

19 January, 2020

A Bit of an Update This is the bungalow this morning. As you can see, work has not yet started. but they are preparing, slowly but steadily. Click the picture for the planning application, attached to the wire fence.

19 August – Seven More Apartments?

Last week it was reported in the Christchurch Times that an application for the bungalow at 165 Lymington Road to be demolished and replaced with seven flats has been lodged. That application is here.
Click for a larger image
It is by Colten Developments. Adjacent properties have already been demolished for redevelopment. There have been several objections to this, which can be read on the BCP website. In the Christchurch Times the Parish Council’s response is reported: ‘On a general point, Highcliffe cannot and should not be subject to high-density development such as flats for a number of reasons, mainly unsuitability for the population, traffic density, parking and impact on local facilities. ‘This development is an additional set of flats added to the existing developments in 167 and 169 and is a form of undesirable creeping development, particularly on the entrance to the village. Highcliffe does not need this typeof ribbon domino development. ‘Already the nature of this western edge of the village had been diminished by the unwelcome developments at 167/169 Lymington Road, and the development of 165 in a similar fashion will further degrade the nature of the area.’
What it would look like. Click for a larger view.