153 Somerford Road

8 August 2019

This application has been accepted. Scroll down for the background. Note that it is for change of use, rather than demolition and redevelopment. Here is the relevant paragraph from the report. The complete information is here.
‘Development consisting of a change of use of a building and any land within its curtilage from a use falling within Class B1(a) (offices) of the Schedule to the Use Classes Order, to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses) of that Schedule. // Development not permitted.’
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You may have seen this notice, near to the Meteor Centre. It is for a new planning application, which is currently under consideration. The proposal can be read here. The plan is for the demolition of the current office block (below) and the construction of flats. The actual description is ‘Change of use of B1 office to 25 self-contained apartments (Class C3).’ There is so far no indication of what it would look like, but the new interior plans are here. So far one objection has been lodged: ‘Development of Meteor park is contributing to severe traffic congestion in the area this development will exacerbate the already dire situation.’
View from the side of the Meteor Centre