(2b) November 2018

6 November

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow …  Creeps in that petty pace! For some time now there have been two separate barriers across the road outside the Meteor Centre, so today I had a close look:
Meteor Centre Christchurch
Another ubiquitous plastic cup!
Meteor Centre Christchurch I expected a hole in a least one of them, but the only items actually present are a couple of pieces of fast-food litter on still-pristine road. Perhaps they are new waste bins, as all except one have been removed from the Meteor Centre! Finally, it can’t even be used as a pelican crossing, though the gap in the middle is a handy refuge, of identical function to the old one! Meteor Centre Christchurch Here is something from October about this crossing, with a Streetview picture. And here is something else, from September! They appear to be finished. A final picture to show how hard they worked. 29 November: Echo article about it. They don’t know what’s happening, either! Back to top

7 November

Even Better This time Yesterday, as I was on my way to photograph the road works (see above) I passed ‘the’ garden once more. The owner is still obviously working hard, the poppies look great, and it was good that a passer-by stopped to express his admiration too!
Click for a larger picture – roughly 1Mb. Opens in a new window
And here is is exactly a month ago. Click the picture to go to the original article. Back to top

18 November

Now You See It, Soon You Won’t! Over the last couple of days these ‘fine’ buildings are being prepared for demolition. The hoardings are on the way to completion. This is what they look like now. This is what they will look like on completion. Click the small image for a much larger one, which will open in a new window. See the full documentation on the Christchurch BC website. Back to top

22 November

Christmas is Coming It was a festive surprise in Saxon Square this morning. There were more works there, with part of the square cordoned off. Don’t panic, though. It wasn’t another accompaniment to the Spur Road Works, but only very short-term for workmen (or should it be workpersons?!) to put the decorations up.Christmas in ChristchurchThey were soon finished, though:
Click for a larger version
The High Street is also being prepared. Don’t forget, these will be switched on at 6pm on Saturday. They look good now, and should be fantastic when they are lit. Back to top

30 November

Zig-Zag and Thatch The zig zag path rebuilding is under way. It is a large project, as the header picture shows. The picture below is the view from the promenade, and the one below that is of the excavation of the path, taken from the beach.
Zig zag path, Highcliffe
Click for a larger image
Zig zag path, Highcliffe
Not much to see from the Highcliffe Castle grounds
Unfortunately, though there is supposed to be a board showing a timetable and the progress, I could not see it. However, there is a lengthy article on this site about the ‘history’ of the project. This link opens in a new window.


You may also remember an item about the forthcoming demotion and building of apartments at 169 Lymington Road, in Highcliffe (link also opens in a new window). Perhaps sadly, this project also involves the thatched house at number 167. 167 Lymington Road
167 Lymington Road
Not quite as impressive inside!
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