(1k) February 2019

1 February

Update on the Meteor Crossing As it was snowy and icy last night, I have not been out, so apologies for using this photograph taken of the crossing last week. It will be replaced as soon as the thaw is complete! In a Christchurch Times article we are told that the crossing was an experiment to install a crossing controlled by WiFi. To quote the County Council, it was a trial site ‘for an above-ground wireless link to the traffic signal detection equipment in the road. ‘Unfortunately, although the Somerford Road site was an ideal site on paper and the detailed design showed no potential problems, after construction we found that the wireless signal was intermittently blocked, affecting the safe use of the crossing. ‘We’re incredibly disappointed that the issue wasn’t identified prior to construction , and we’ll be learning from this when choosing further sites fore the wireless technology.  ‘We’d like to apologise to residents and drivers in the area for any disruption the work may have caused.’ And so it is being fixed by digging up the road and installing traditional cabling! The work could take up to four weeks.

4 February

The Friars Cliff Slope You may have read about my mistake yesterday, when there were some photographs taken of a nice couple walking up the completed slope on a lovely sunny day. Unfortunately, while preparing the pictures with the football on in the background, I accidentally deleted them. I blame Manchester United! So they have been taken again. Sadly the weather was dreadful today, but despite that the path looks really good.
Click for a larger version
The wire protective fencing which was in place when they were working on it has been removed, and replaced with plastic fencing to protect the grass around the seating area on top, previously used for storing the workmen’s equipment and materials. See a picture (opens in a new window).
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs!
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5 February

Yet more about the Meteor Centre You may have read the update at the top of this page. That was four days ago, and the pavement is now back to normal, presumably with cables beneath it. Today the entrance to the Meteor Centre was closed, and workmen were toiling, doing whatever those workmen were doing – presumably involving cables!
Click for a larger image, including a very careful workman!

Header  picture – The Meteor Centre opening ceremony, September 2016 

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6 February

Going, going … they will soon be gone! You may remember in November that a block in Highcliffe is to be demolished. Well, it has started. The picture below was taken yesterday, showing the work in progress. Back to top

7 February

It’s Gone! That was quick work. Today the demolition, shown above, is complete!
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8 February

Progress on Two Fronts First, yesterday the Meteor Centre, above, was back to normal. And the Saxon Square toilets are finally being demolished.
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10 February

Blooming Hard Work! It had been raining hard and I was surprised to see the Highcliffe and Walkford In Bloom workers toiling to clear another Highcliffe pathway. Even more creditably, they continued working when the rain began again minutes later. Back to top

14 February

It’s Been a Long Job! As you perhaps saw above (8 February), the entrance to the Meteor Centre car park was re-opened. Well, it has been closed again, this time to do the tarmacking. it is still possible to get into the car park by using the entrance round the corner, of course. Looking forward to an imminent (?!) update showing the pedestrian lights functioning!
Meteor Centre, Christchurch
The shops not yet open, so the car park is quite empty.
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17 February

Another Silent Soldier I was surprised to have missed this one. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and at the back of The Priory was this Silent Soldier. It did look fantastic.
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25 February

It’s Summer – in February! Well, it has been sunny all day, was sunny yesterday, and should be the same for a little longer yet. Today has been the warmest February day on record. Here is an Echo article explaining about it. The Cliffhanger is shown below, with happy customers sitting at the outside tables.
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