(2e) August 2018

3 August 2018

My 1300 Steps in Highcliffe This morning I was surprised to see the result of yet another hopefully minor accident on Lymington Road. The evidence for this one was a street sign at a crazy angle.
Quite a bump!


Going on down, there are then the school and houses. This was much more serious, and happened on the 9th June.
Click the image for the Echo article
The pedestrian crossing was also demolished, but this was replaced temporarily until a reinstallation some days later. Here is a quote from the newspaper article: Two people were taken to hospital after the crash on Saturday, which involved a black Volvo S40. It is understood the car collided with traffic lights and street furniture before going into the wall.


Finally, further down at The Rothesay, there was a serous accident around two weeks ago. Another wall was demolished, and at least one person taken to hospital.
The Rothesay’s demolished wall
On a more cheerful note, to end this item, when I passed it again in the afternoon the sign had been mended!
All’s well that ends well

4 August 2018

Stompin’ at the Quomps
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This annual event took place on a really hot day this year. In fact the whole summer has seen almost record temperatures. I was only there for a short time – I had been working in the morning, and Liverpool were playing Napoli at 6pm! However, that was long enough to enjoy one band, Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. They were excellent and energetic, and it must have been hot on stage!
It was busy!
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Here is a video. I’m not very good at it yet, and apologies for the distractions of some of the audience walking past! Finally, here is a report in The Echo. Lots of good photos, though as I write the two commenters do not think much of the event. (Update – a few hours laters there are many more comments, most of complimentary.) That is a pity. It’s not my kind of music, but it was enjoyable, a lovely day, and it was free! Back to top

7 August 2018

A Grumble Today I decided to walk from Highcliffe to Sainsbury’s. A good place to stop for a drink is the bench next to the path on the A35, near to Verno Lane. Despite the road being so near, it is usually pretty  peaceful. I didn’t stop today. This is the bench: There is often rubbish there, but this time it was the remains of a meal. As you can see (below) the meat had been eaten but the coleslaw wasn’t to taste! Their solution – leave it there instead of taking it home to dispose of. Other detritus from their meal was around the seat. Then, after a successful trip to Sainsbury’s, on the way out I noticed a bag full of plastic bags outside. It is good that they want to dispose of them properly, even taking them to the store, but why couldn’t they actually put them in the correct container? Their bag is on the floor (left), while the large almost empty bag box is inside the store, a few yards away on the right. Icing on the cake was walking to the Hoburne roundabout. A driver did a u-turn, waiting on the central reservation for a break in the traffic. The roundabout (where he could have turned) was about fifty yards away! As he passed me I glared at him and shook my head, but he pretended not to notice! Why don’t they care? Back to top

15 AUGUST 2018

Good News – of a Kind You no doubt are aware of the shop ‘Topsies’ in the precinct, opposite Poundstretcher. It has been closed for some time. Well, today I saw workmen there, stripping it bare and setting it up. The title of this article proclaims ‘… of a kind.’ It is another  charity shop. However it is for a very good local cause, which has not had representation in Christchurch until now, and it is surely better than another empty shop. Click the picture on the right to go to their excellent website. Although the shop is rather out of the way, I hope it will get lots of support. Back to top

16 August 2018

Christchurch Relief Road As you no doubt realise, the traffic around and through Christchurch is often very heavy, and frequently at a standstill. For years there have been demands for an outer relief road: The current ‘ring road’ actually goes through the centre of town! However, such a road is unlikely to happen, hence the reporting of this being in Oddments rather than Governance! The major issues are cost, route and environment. for obvious reasons it cannot go to the south, and much of the land to the north is a haven for wildlife. It does not stop people – rightly – grumbling, though. These are just four of the comments from the public on the back page of today’s Echo:
  • We could really do with the outer relief road. We need something to address the situation.
  • There are people cutting down Bridge Street to avoid the queues. They use it like a race track.
  • (Visitor from Cornwall): Traffic was so bad when we came there on Sunday it took us two hours to go 20 miles. It was absolutely horrendous.
  • The outer road would help but it has been on the cards for 20 years. The traffic situation at the moment is poor.
Here are the propsals for possible routes for a bypass. Do not get excited – they are unlikely to happen soon!
Christchurch bypass routes
The four routes.
Click for a readable version. PDF – 2000px wide
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20 August 2018

Christchurch’s Silent Soldier Today I took my life in my hands and crossed the busy roads to get on to the Fountain Roundabout. It was to see the Silent Soldier close-up. It is quite impressive, though as you can see from the picture below, the perspex is prone to reflections! However, it still looks fantastic and very black at the correct angle, as you can see from the picture below.
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Of course, there is a plethora of modern rules to follow, as the label on the back of the statue shows: It’s not all good news. Unaccountably, some of them have been vandalised.  This is an article from the 4Dorset magazine, free from the Tourist Centre. Sadly, there are other examples around the country. Back to top

30 August 2018

An Old Wives’ Tale?

Many years ago I remember being told that if you see cows lying down it is sure to rain. So this is a test of that theory. Here is a field of cows, almost all lying down, near the sunny Stony Lane roundabout at around 10.30 this morning. Christchurch cows lying down This one seems puzzled too! Christchurch cows Postscript: It didn’t rain! Back to top

31 August 2018

Another Path Closed You may have read in The Echo that, like the zig zag path, the slope down to the beach at Friars Cliff has now been closed for safety reasons. Although there are no steps, without this path the access is very steep, particularly for the frail and those in wheelchairs. There are several good pictures on the Echo page, but here are two high resolution ones taken today. Click for each version – 2000px wide, around 1Mb, opens in a new window.
Friars Cliff Slope
Click for a larger version
Friars Cliff Path
The damage. Click for a larger version
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