(1i) April 2019

1 April

Here We Go!

Graham Farrant
Despite what you might expect, this April 1 is a serious day for Christchurch. After a lot of wrangling, argument and even polite discussion, BCP – Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole – has finally become a unitary authority. The picture on the left is of Graham Farrant, the first Council Leader. Previously in charge of the Land Registry, in the Bournemouth Echo he quotes the launch campaign:

Here for you from Day One

Note that some services, notably waste collection and housing and development, will remain in the separate areas for this year only.

6 April

Of Local Interest

Walkford’s old post box.
Click for a larger image
You may be aware of some of the local post boxes, such as the two Victorian ones above – the Mudeford one with the vertical slot is quite famous. Many of them are used without a second look. So it was with some interest that I read the following in April’s Highcliffe Herald: Walkford’s popularity as a residential district increased rapidly from the 1930s, with much new building. There are several listed buildings along Ringwood Road, including the chapel and a pillar box of Edward VIII vintage, c1936 (he was the king who abdicated for love). I’ve read that there are fewer than 100 Edward VIII boxes in the whole of the UK, so we’re lucky to have an example. The picture on the right was taken this morning, another beautiful clear day. I spoke to several people while taking the photographs, and only one person had noticed it before. I hadn’t either, until I read the article above! If you are interested, there are more here (opens in a new window).
The Walkford post box in situ
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9 April

Progress Indeed

You may remember Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, reported on this site and in the Echo. This had been a notable and fairly unusual Christchurch attraction, one shop out of a fairly small chain. I confess that I had forgotten about it until this morning, when I went to have a look. I admit I was disappointed.
The shop in September 2018
It’s now a vape shop. Ah well …
Click for a bigger picture.


Then there are the toilets in Saxon Square. These are looking good now. There is still a lot to do, but you can see that the cubicles are tiled.
Click for a larger picture
Just guessing, just hoping, but perhaps they will look like those in New Milton:
Click the picture to see the page reporting on the New Milton ones, and to read more about these in Saxon Square
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12 April

Great Progress

This morning I had another look at the progress of the re-born path. Last Sunday it looked pretty good but today, even at 8.45 in the morning, it was easy to see how much progress has been made in just those few days. There were workmen there already!
Click for a much larger image
Click for a much larger image here too!
Unfortunately I have been unable to find any confirmation of its opening. There is this Echo article from 28 February, but nothing since. Anyway, we must hope! Back to top

15 April

More Brexit

Just in case you’re missing all the excitement about Brexit, almost exactly three years go Nigel Farage said this, on a new poster in Purewell.
Click the image to go to the Brexit page to see another poster (scroll down)
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21 April

It’s Summer!

Of course, many people go down to the beach when it is as hot as this. Driving past at around midday the car park was packed. That was on my return from Waterditch, where the weather had been equally sweltering. Here is evidence of the heat.
First, this butterfly. Unusually, this one was happily basking for several seconds.
Click for a larger image
Then. walking along a footpath I disturbed a horse. At first I was quite concerned as it was so still, I thought perhaps it had passed away. Not at all. It lifted its fly-covered head (look closely at the picture) and decided I was not worth bothering with and went back to lazing on that sunny afternoon. Actually it was morning, but except for that the song is correct. The grass really was that colour – it was baking.
Click for a larger image
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25 April

Yellow Bus Route 1a

You may be aware that this service has been running for around a couple of weeks now. Some may remember the 111 bus, which went in a fairly circuitous route from the Clifftop car park via Sainsbury’s to Bournemouth (I think). Today there is an article in the Christchurch Times (page 7) about the opening of this route. The Mayor, Cllr Lesley Dedman, was at the car park to welcome it. She said, ‘It is excellent news for Highcliffe and I am sure the route will prove very popular.’ She was right! The picture below was taken today. Although it does not look full, around ten people had alighted at that stop.
The bus outside the (ex) Highcliffe Tandoori at Sea Corner
The opening ceremony. taken from Facebook
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29 April

Ready Soon

The toilets in Saxon Square as moving on apace. The ‘furniture’ is already being installed. Although there was some consternation that they were unisex, as you can see it is no problem. You will not be consorting with your opposites, even when you wash your hands! Back to top