(1h) May 2019

1 May

Not an Exciting Update!

But just to get started on the new month. The title of this page now includes a number as well as the month. This is so that the pages appear in the correct, chronologically-reverse, order on the Site Map. The header picture on this page is from May 13 last year, at the Christchurch Food Festival It will be changed very soon. As you have no doubt already put in your diaries, this year’s Food Festival is on the weekend of May 11th & 12th. Remember, tomorrow the local elections take place. This is from the BCP Council Newsletter: BCP Council’s first ever local election takes place tomorrow. If you’re one of the 322,307 people who are registered and eligible to vote, the polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. Your polling station is listed on your polling card but if you don’t have it you can check where your polling station is online. You may find that it is in a different place to where you have become used to so please do check … By voting you can make sure that you’ve been part of choosing who makes decisions that impact on the many services you use everyday, from transport and public spaces, to housing and social care. Please exercise your democratic right to vote! The election will result in 76 councillors being elected across 33 wards to serve on BCP Council and a number of elected members appointed to town and parish councils within the Christchurch area.

2 May 2019

Fence Problem?

The new zig-zag path looks fantastic, and is being well-used. However, a couple of days ago a letter appeared in the online Echo. So this morning I walked down to have look. It appears fine now. Perhaps I missed it, perhaps it was vandalism, or was it just children standing on the wire? Looking now, it would seem perfect for a young child to stand on to get a better view; I suspect even I would have done it! Anyway, it is now fixed, but perhaps the design needs to be changed slightly? This is sure to keep happening.
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12 May 2019

The Christchurch Food Festival

Taking place yesterday and today, I was only able to pop along for half an hour. According to The Echo, around 75000 people visited. Read the article: there are many more pictures there. This was even better than last year, and the weather was great: hot and sunny today. So do look at their site. Here are two of my own rather weak efforts, taken before it had really got going.
Already busy – it was hard to get around.
A secluded section, near to the precinct, just starting.
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18 May 2019

Not All My Own Work!

Cllr Dedman at Remembrance 2018
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As you may know, this section of the site is normally used for items I have personally seen. This is an exception, however, but is of such interest that it is included here. Last year was the final one of Christchurch Borough Council before being absorbed into the new BCP (Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole) Unitary Authority in 2019. The Mayor was Cllr Lesley Dedman, the last incumbent of a role first taken by John Leshelm in 1297 – as I write, 722 years ago! In The Echo today, we are told that she has been re-elected, but this time as Town, rather than Borough, Mayor. She said, “I hope that we can really get going and do the best for the town that we love.” Back to top

19 May 2019

An Interesting Morning

Out for a walk on Stanpit Marsh today, I was surprised to see a queue of cars heading for the adjacent recreation ground. I asked one of the Lions’ helpers, and he told me it was a car boot sale.  These take place on the second Sunday of every month. Click the thumbnail for some information. It was busy, and there was a refreshment tent with most tables occupied.
Just a small section of the stalls
Curly the Busker was performing. You have to imagine the music, but it was fun!
So, venturing on to the marsh, it was good to see it was busy, with a few people and quite a number of horses (see the header picture). They seemed quite friendly, I think! A lady had passed me on the path, and I was surprised to see her sitting by the Bailey bridge. She had obviously been painting, so I asked if I could see. I was very impressed. “How long did it take you to do this?” “About 15 minutes! She is called Jayne Soakell, and I asked her if I could take a photograph. She signed it at the bottom, dipping a pen in some very thick-looking ink. There are quite number of links online, and I have chosen these two, though I could have chosen many more. Just search, and enjoy.  Link 1 // Link 2
Not bad for fifteen minutes!
Click for a larger image
Finally, on the way back a generous little egret posed nicely for the camera!
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30 May

In With the New …

In today’s Christchurch Times there was an interesting article about the new skate park at Two Riversmeet. To be honest, I could have guessed that it was functioning, because as I walked into town I saw no fewer than three incredibly cool teenagers bedecked with skateboards, heading in that direction! The park was very impressive, and the article states that there is a quarter pipe, floating ledge, flat bank, snow plough hip and a bowled quarter pipe. No, I don’t know what they are, either! Although it is already in use, there is to be an official opening on Saturday, June 8, by Alex Decunha, an Olympic hopeful. See a YouTube video on him in action in California (where else!) here. Skaters, scooter and BMX riders are all invited from 12-4pm, after the official opening. The pictures below show just the skateboarding section.
The approach
All ages involved. Click for a larger image
It was a hot day. Click for a larger image

… and Out With the Old

As I passed I saw that the Council Offices car park is no more. I’m afraid I have no more information about this, though as I passed the offices, on the way to the skate park, a meeting was in progress. Back to top