(1f) July 2019

  • 2 July

    To Get the Month Started:

    I hope that you have noticed the spectacular wild flower displays which Christchurch is – or should be – famous for. Here are three of them. The images are quite low-resolution as, being full of detail, the file size is otherwise rather big.
    The Runway in Mudeford (Hoburne Roundabout). Location ‘A’ on the map (July 3, below)
    Honeysuckle Way, near Sainsburys. Location ‘B’ on the map (July 3, below)
    An oasis of calm. After choosing very carefully, I made it across to the Stony Lane roundabout safely and without annoying any impatient drivers! Even if you are just driving past, look at them, preferably while waiting to join the roundabout rather than actually steering! They are spectacular and had lots of insects and  butterflies, obviously little-disturbed by humans.
    The Stony Lane roundabout  Location ‘C’ on the map (July 3, below)
    Stony Lane again. Click for a larger picture (around 300K). Location ‘C’ on the map (July 3, below)

    3 July

    More Flowers – and a Map

    I remember last year the flower display at Iford Bridge. Well, this year it goes towards the golf course, near the bowling green.
    Looking towards the roundabout, near the infamous junction with Castle Lane. Location ‘D’ on the map below
    An emergency ambulance is heading to the hospital nearby. Click for a larger image (1500px wide, around 500K)
    Calm and peaceful looking the other way, though you can still hear the traffic.  Location D on the map below
    A map of the various locations. Click for a larger version
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    5 July

    Preparing for Tomorrow

    Work is under way for the Burton Scout Carnival, with the procession from Burton School at 11am to the Recreation Ground on Martins Hill Lane. Note that it is not on the Village Green, but the recreation ground is a short walk from there. Here are a couple of pictures of this morning’s preparations:
    The pedestrian entrance opposite Alder Close
    It will be busy tomorrow
    Update, 12 July Today there was an article in the Christchurch Times Online. The Scout Group has a new hut. ‘So what? A hut …’ I hear you saying. Perhaps the article headline is a clue:

    Burton Scout Group finally has new hut after 12-year campaign

    Here is an excerpt from the article:

    Six articulated lorries brought the near fully furnished units to the site at Martins Hill Close, but the day of the unit’s arrival wasn’t without its complications. Two of the taller articulated lorries delivering the units were obstructed by a low hanging bridge and were forced to use a different lorry tractor to take them under the bridge.

    After some steady driving and several hours of work, the units were crane lifted onto the steel base, which was supplied by Christchurch steelworks company Reidsteel. Go to the newspaper article to see more pictures. I will try to get one of the assembled hut soon.


    Finally, a light-hearted picture of a sunny Christchurch this morning.  The stand with balloons in the middle says, “We Love Christchurch,’ a Christian display spreading the word. It was a perfect thing to say. Back to top

    6 July

    For Your Amusement – With Some Serious Truth

    This was posted yesterday on the local NextDoor blog, and I thought you would like to enjoy it too. Many a true word said in jest!
    Click the image to read the article online
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    7 July

    Christchurch Music Festival

    Today was the final day of the Festival. Their website, giving details of all the events, is here. Though the day started cloudy, the sun made a reappearance in the afternoon, and the crowds began! There are a few pictures below – I didn’t stay very long, as I am a ‘classical’ person – and it was also the Women’s World Cup Final! In each case click the image for a larger version, or to go to the full gallery. Back to top

    11 July, 1.15pm

    Driver Frustration (mine) in Highcliffe

    This morning I came back from Christchurch the ‘back’ way, turning right at the Ringwood Road roundabout near Walkford. Unfortunately, when I joined it the traffic was backed up all the way to the roundabout. So I thought I would be clever, but that was a mistake! Turning left down Mill Lane, then right along Montagu and again right at the junction, there was another jam at the Sea Corner lights. This was the cause:
    The bus stop is closed again, too.
    That is the cause. Here is the intended consequence: As you can see from the picture below, the main road is relatively deserted. No, the traffic problems in the Borough haven’t been eliminated, the traffic is just being held back for a long time! All’s well that ends well: The deep hole in the bus layby was filled in by the evening, and traffic was back to normal. Back to top

    14 July

    … It’s the New Burton Scout Hut

    You may have read the Echo report about the delivery of this hut. Unfortunately there was no picture of it in situ, presumably it had to be assembled. It must have been done quickly, as when I arrived it already looked fantastic. On reading the original Echo article I admit I had been surprised how expensive it was. Here is the first paragraph: The 8th Christchurch Burton Scout Group’s former scout hut was forced to close last year due to its dilapidated state, but, thanks to £186,000 worth of donations from several local and national businesses, the scout troop will have a new base. Looking at the pictures below you can see why. I obviously could not go in, but there were interesting pipes going into the ground, so presumably it has been plumbed, too. It has obviously taken a lot of effort, and people were still working on the inside in the late morning on Sunday. Well done to everyone involved, and thanks to those businesses which supported the project.
    The new and the old. The Burton FC changing room next to it.
    Definitely worth it. Click for a larger image.
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    15 July


    This morning I had to walk in to New Milton and was surprised, not to say impressed, to see the annual display produced by Chewton Glen, on the Christchurch road, opposite the entrance. A week ago they looked good, but now they really are coming into bloom. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me and I was in a hurry, so there is only one picture. It is well worth looking at if you are in the area, definitely the best I have seen.
    Click for a larger picture
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    16 July

    Pointless and Very Sad

    Today it was reported in The Echo that the Silent Sailor, opposite the old police station in Christchurch, has been vandalised. The picture below shows it as it was. This, sadly, is what it looks like today: It is worth reading some of the comments after the article. I am quoting this one, offering a perhaps more realistic reason for this. You may disagree. They’re reading too much in to this. It probably wasn’t done to insult the ex servicemen. It was mindless vandalism. Nothing more. They’re crediting the perpetrators with more intelligence than they deserve. Back to top

    17  July

    Public Admiration in Christchurch

    This morning, near M & Co in the town, there was something I have not seen before. A sand artist had produced a brilliant sculpture. As I was there around three quarters of the passers-by stopped to admire it and many praised the sculptor. The children in particular thought it was fantastic. Here are two pictures, also showing the tools necessary to painstakingly produce it. If he is there again (please…) take time to watch.
    Click for a larger image, around 400K
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    21 July

    In Case You’re Wondering

    You may have seen the closed letting agents at the bottom of the High Street. Well, good news. It is to be ‘The Crafty Tap,’ primarily a retail bottle shop offering a wide selection of craft and niche beers, ales and ciders, alongside fine wines, spirits and great local artisan produce. The premises licence was granted on 24th May. Alongside their large retail selection they will offer wine and beer tastings on site, and also refillable beer growlers, meaning that your favourite craft beer can be taken home fresh from the tap.* Thanks to Ben Makins, Director of The Crafty Tap Ltd, for this information. I look forward to visiting … * For those who don’t know, a growler is a container typically made out of glass, ceramic or aluminium  that is used to transport beer. An air-tight jug, it allows you to take draught beer from one place to another without losing quality.  
    Click to go to the Echo article (22 April)
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    31 July

    More of a Good Thing!

    Once more on the way to New Milton I passed the fantastic wildflower display. Today there was a surprise. A lone sunflower stood over all, in a stately yet noddingly-friendly way. I was in a hurry, so there is only one quick picture, preluded by a poem by William Blake. Ah! Sunflower! Ah! Sunflower, weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun, Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the traveller’s journey is done; Where the youth pined away with desire, And the pale virgin shrouded in snow, Arise from their graves, and aspire Where my sunflower wishes to go.
    Click for a larger image, 1800px wide, around 400k
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