(1e) August 2019

  • 3 August

    A Lovely Surprise

    As I was walking to the annual Stompin on the Quomps Festival (updated tomorrow) I came across this scene, near the Bowling Green. Not much else to say, it explains itself!
    Wedding photography can be a risky profession!
    Taking photographs of a wedding photographer can be risky, too!
    No problems, they were all fine, and bride and groom were duly congratulated.

    5 August

    Good Work in Christchurch

    This morning the weather once more started dull, but by ten o-clock it was sunny and very warm, perfect weather for sitting around Saxon Square and enjoying the scene and the goings-on and maybe even having a coffee, if you can decide which of the many establishments to choose!
    Setting up
    As well as a chance to relax, volunteers were also doing great work for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity. The stand was busy very quickly, and some were no doubt enticed by the relaxing music of Curly the Busker. Very busy locally, you may have read about him before on this site. He works free of charge for good causes and performs for other functions, too. To quote from their website, Marie Curie Cancer Care helps, ‘If you or someone you’re close to has a terminal illness, we’re here to support you. There are a range of ways we can help you, from clear, useful information about living with a terminal illness to expert nursing care in your home.’ On Saturday they are working again, hosting a tea party at the Red house Museum. Click the small image for a closer view.
    Jane and Lorraine smiling for the camera. Click for a larger image.
    Finally, here is a short extract of Curly playing Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter). As I am sure I have said before, I am not great at video, but rather than aiming at perfection, a quick version appears below.
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7 August

Across Some Crowded Blooms!

You may remember the sad story last month about the poor lonely sunflower. Well, today it was good to see that it now has a companion!
Click for a larger image
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8 August


As I write this in the late afternoon I am sure that some are wondering why today’s Mudeford Lifeboat Fun Day had to be cancelled. At 8am their website said, Good To Go. Unfortunately it wasn’t. An hour or so later it had in fact been cancelled. The rain had been falling intermittently and it was still quite windy. So, this was the scene last year:
This is what has happened this year!
You can read some more about it in The Echo.

More evidence …

This was the scene in Hunt Road, Somerford, this morning. A quite healthy tree had been blown down by the wind. Back to top

15 August

A Sad Ending

Today I was very surprised to read in The Echo that The Rainbow Pre-School and Nursery in Highcliffe closed last week, Friday 9 August. It seemed popular, young children and their parents were always too be seen making their way through Highcliffe every morning. Run by Sue Taylor and Jacqui Waddock, they made the following statement: ‘It is with the heaviest of hearts that this was our very last day for Rainbow Pre-school. There has been a nursery here at The Old School house for 30 years and a school before that. ‘We would like to thank all our wonderful staff, past and present, who have worked so hard in making the nursery a loving, nurturing and inclusive place for local pre-school children. ‘We have so many memories of children and families past and present and all the Rainbow staff wish you lots of happiness for the future. It has been lovely to feel so valued by the community.’
The scene, with workmen, early this morning. Click for a larger image
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18 August

Someone Else’s Report

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Carnival today. Thankfully The Echo has done a report, including some pictures. Click on the one below to see that report. Note that for copyright reasons I have deliberately blurred that picture, but the original is, of course, much clearer! Back to top

19 August

Swans and Cygnets

Some of you may have seen the swan family in the river by Waitrose. Many weeks ago I remember the tiny cygnets venturing into the water, always under the caring eye of their parents. On one occasion one of them – presumably the weakest – kept slipping back into the water while struggling back onto land. Neither parent helped, they just watched, and after two or three minutes the toddler succeeded. So it was good to see them really showing some independence today. Mum or dad was near, but not so attentive, and they were venturing much further away.

An afterthought

Today there was a great display in Christchurch Library. I do not know how long it will last, but it is well worth a look if you are passing. Back to top

26 August

Fun on the Quomps

I intended to do a brief report here, but the event on this Bank Holiday Monday was so good that a separate page will be created tomorrow. For now, here is one picture to tempt you!
Click for a larger image
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30 August

An Interactive Map

It was good today to get a copy of the printed guide to Highcliffe from the Tourist Office. However, to my consternation it is actually quite a large (A2) folded booklet, so scanning was going to be tricky. However, it is actually published on the HighcliffeVillage.com website. This looks excellent. The map is below, but have a look on the site, because on there it is also interactive and clickable!
Click for a larger image
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31 August

Can’t Find Them

I was interested today to read a report in the Bournemouth Echo that plans are to be passed for the replacement of two bungalows with houses near to Mudeford Sailing Club. Despite looking very hard I have been unable to find this on the BCP Planning site, hence its inclusion here rather than in the Planning section of this site. This is a brief description of the article; there is a link to it above. The scheme will … ‘remove several dilapidated and redundant outbuildings to produce two well-considered designs.’ There have been 17 objections to it, but these have been refuted by the Planning Officer: ‘The proposed layout and design of the scheme would result in less-than-substantial harm to the character and appearance of the conservation area and nearby locally-listed buildings.’ More when, and if, I can find it. Back to top