(1d) September 2019

September 1

Worth a Visit

Waiting for local news. For now, the famous dragon in Furth Im Wald, in Bavaria, taken on 12 August 2007.

  • The city is known as Drachenstadt (Dragon City), a reference to Furth im Wald’s annual Drachenstich (Slaying of the Dragon) play. The Drachenstich, originally part of a Corpus Christi procession, was first mentioned in 1590. As one of the oldest folk plays in the German language, each year actors re-enact the legend of Saint Georg slaying the dragon. In 2010, the play became notable for using the world’s largest walking robot, an animatronic dragon called Tradinno. Enjoy!

    Fearsome – and very large! Click to see it better.

    2 September

    Change and Decay …

    This update is rather more relevant to our area than the first September posting, above! It shows the change in the sunflowers in the wildflower meadow opposite Chewton Glen. After hot times in July and August, we are approaching autumn. As you can see, below, the sunflower is no more. The pictures below show today, then 31 July, and finally 7 August.

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8 September

I Didn’t Believe It!

Today was Sunday, and after reading about the Curtiss Wright building (view report), I decided to have a walk in the sunshine to investigate. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – I chose the wrong one. Believing it to be that building, I started photographing (see header image).

If you look carefully, you can see two people there, and one of those men called me over. I had the picture from The Christchurch Times with me, and he told me, in a friendly manner, that it was not the correct building. Another man told me it was next door.

Anyway, back to friendly man number one! He invited me in to have a look, and I thought, ‘Why not? A good interior shot coming up!’ On going in, I was amazed. It looks fantastic.

It is actually the GodFirst Church – read their Facebook page. On the inside it is nothing like the workshops and offices in the area (it is an industrial estate), but really clean, brightly-lit, and comfortable.

Really smart. Click for a larger image.

The service was due to begin about an hour later, and the band was already practising. They were as impressive as the environment, everyone was friendly, people of all ages setting up, cleaning and helping in various ways, and I might even go along next week. Recommended!

It is on Airfield Way, on the right. See their website

Click for a larger image.

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9 September

When it’s gone, it’s Gone!

I was disturbed to read on the local NextDoor blog that the post box on Verno Lane has been removed.

Click for a close-up of the box as it was in September 2017

All that is left

However, it might not be quite as bad as it seems. Here is the complete NextDoor posting. At least the box is safe, even if invisible now!

Missing Post Box

Can anyone tell me what has happened to the very old VR Post box in Verno Lane, at the top of Roeshot Hill? There is just a pile of bricks where it was ripped out! Can’t imagine the Royal Mail doing this?

That is sad, I love those old post boxes, it rather looks as if some toerag has pinched it from what you say. What’s going on around here – first a lovely old tree is cut down now this?!

Because it was a VR box it was worth 15 hundred on the black market. The vandals tried to chisel it out so Royal Mail ended up removing it due to health and safety concerns

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11 September

Leaders Coming

There has been a development in Saxon Square. The old Priory Sports shop is now to become Leaders Estate Agents.

It will be opening on the 27th September, initially for lettings, with sales to be added later. Good to see another unit back in use.


Update, 23 September:

Ready for Friday’s opening

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12 September

A Good Cause

I was delighted to see that there was a Macmillan Coffee Morning taking place at Ethos Care in Highcliffe today. These have been going for some years – here is part of their website, and here is an extract explaining how Macmillan help:

‘We understand how cancer can affect people’s whole lives – health, money, family, job; everything. And, after more than 100 years of caring, we understand that the most important thing is to treat people as individuals, not patients.

‘So we take the time to understand the support people need to live their lives as fully as they can. From the moment of diagnosis and whenever we’re most needed, we’re here to help people find their best way through. Our help is totally focused on each individual person, so everyone receives the support that’s best for them.’

Well, back to Highcliffe. Long before nine o’clock I passed there, and the table was bare and the cake stands empty! 

Lots to do, but still smiling! Click for a larger picture.


This is how it had changed shortly afterwards!

A job well done.. Click for a larger image.

Finally, do come along if you can. In fact, it’s even worth a special visit. Remember, there are other coffee mornings during the month. If you know of one, email me so I can advertise it.

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13 January

A Smile, a Disappointment

Below you can see the house in Dark Lane (near the A35). It always makes me smile, and today I decided to look carefully. Decorations on the outside, as usual, and the little handwritten sign. Too small to see on the picture, so it is below.

The little sign next to the post box below the warning about chickens says, ‘BEWARE Dogs, foxes, children and OAP.’

Not much further on there was evidence of one more of the blights prevalent everywhere: Fly-tipping. Sad.

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20 September

Two Light-Hearted Items

First, you may remember the garden display at the corner of Edward and Somerford Road, opposite the Meteor Centre in Christchurch. Here is something from October’s Oddments last year.

Well, there has been progress. Robert Hancock has been working hard, despite being very busy building a Wendy house for his granddaughter! However, there is a significant change here. Can you spot it?

Click for a closer view

Second, I was impressed with the good wishes to Ellie May from her father, on the bridge near the Stony Lane roundabout.


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26 September

Praise – and Well-Deserved

In today’s Christchurch Times there is a letter from Jean Luke praising the flower displays in Highcliffe. As I inhabit these environs and I totally agree with her, the whole letter is reproduced below. Sadly it is not otherwise available online.

‘Wonderful Displays

‘DESPITE current building work and associated traffic disruption throughout the summer in Highcliffe, no-one can have failed to notice the magnificent floral displays that have bloomed in strategic areas in the town.

‘Even when heavy rain has flattened them, the lovely arrangements have rejuvenated overnight. Dismal corners that have been neglected for years have become pleasant places to sit.

‘The flowers have all been planted, nurtured and watered by volunteers, often unseen and sometimes unthanked.

‘Well done to all our volunteers. Where would be be without you?’

Tesco is even better now! Click for a larger image.

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