(1c) October 2019

1 October

The Finishing Touch?

I have cheated slightly with this one so that there could be an update for the first day of the new month. You may remember the Highcliffe Flats, built in place of the Tudor House Antiques shop on Lymington Road, which have also featured on the recent oddment about the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Yesterday, the last day of the month, the gardens at the front were planted. It did not take them long – a couple of hours – and though they have not had time to settle yet, they seem to have bedded in already. So this morning, 1st October, they already look great.

The ‘new’ gardens. The Highcliffe Tandoori, work now gathering pace, is in the background. Click for a larger image.
A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!

3 October

Another Try

On the front page of today’s Christchurch Times (below) it is reported that Baggies is trying once more to get licensing and permission to open until 2am. This coffee shop on the High Street objected previously to the prospect of another coffee shop opening in Christchurch, saying that trade was already difficult. I visited in July 2018. The report is here. Scroll up on that page to see the background. The Christchurch Times page is shown below. Note that I have deliberately blurred the text, as it seems hardly fair to reproduce the page in detail. However, here is an outline of some points in the article: BCP Council have no confidence in the owner because of lack of knowledge about licensing conditions.

  • Permission is sought for alcohol sales until midnight
  • Permission is also being sought to stay open until 2am every day for food sales
  • The police licensing officer is worried about the possible increase in anti-social behaviour
  • Those are three points. For the rest, you’ll have to buy the paper!

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4 October

Stone Age Man, Modern Bikes

It was reported in the BCP Council magazine that the Stone Age figure next to the Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre is now complete.

The sculpture, with audio available

I paid £1 to listen to the audio. Unfortunately, though I recorded it, the quality is so poor because of wind noise that I cannot publish even an extract, but I admit I was rather disappointed with the performance, which sounded as if it was just being read. Perhaps some local drama students would have been pleased to put on a verbal performance. I asked in the Visitor Centre, and a nice lady told me that the man is called Eagle and his wife is Hazel. They have two children: one is Otter, the other Birdpoo. Yes, really! On Broadway, the road leading to Hengistbury Head, there were two Beryl Bikes – the female version of Boris Bikes, I assume! – parked in their marked spaces. I had never seen these before, so couldn’t resist taking a picture. Click it to go to their website. Back to top

6 October

For the Footie Fans!

Today I went to photograph the Old Police Station again (more tomorrow). Across the road I saw a decent football match going on, so went to have a look. Obviously the best team* wasn’t there, but this still looked like a really good game, played with great enthusiasm and sportsmanship. I didn’t see anything untoward, and the ref seemed to be having a stress-free game, as you can see from the first picture below. The teams – JP Morgan and Home Style – play in the local Bournemouth Hayward Sunday Division 5. (* Liverpool!) I was only there for five minutes, so I don’t know the result, but will update it when it is published. For info, JP Morgan are playing in Stoke stripes! Result – JP Morgan won 8-0 The pictures below are available in a higher-resolution gallery, each one around 250K.

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10 October

Very Interesting Rubbish!

This morning workmen from Dorset Waste Partnership (in case you missed it, read about the new recycling regime here) were busy on the layby on the Christchurch by-pass. As I have a new lens, I thought, ‘What an opportunity to christen it.’ The first picture is below:

Just one of several loads. Click for a larger picture.

Passing further on, there were several others hard at work, going down the bank and passing up a lot of rubbish. They were friendly, and I commented that more would soon be dumped there, so the job would have to be done again. 

“You know what this is?” one said. “It’s old marijuana equipment, and plants.” I laughed.
“I’m being serious, we do lots of these in various places.”

On to my haircut, the purpose of the visit to Christchurch. On chatting to the hairdresser, she said that she had heard about this, and it had been in the papers. 

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the helpful workman who spoke to me.  No excuse – I didn’t think of it!

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12 October

Despite the Weather

It had been pouring down all day, but the official opening of the Burton Scout Hut still took place from 2pm at Burton Recreation Ground.

July 14, soon after delivery

Although the picture above looks quite compact, the similarity to a Tardis was remarkable. It was really spacious inside, as the picture below shows. Note that because it was full and children were present, the picture is deliberately blurred. It still gives an idea, though. Read more here.

Well done for everyone’s support and for coming out despite the rain. A really enjoyable occasion.


Today (14 November 2019) there is an article and photograph in the Christchurch Times.  I am afraid I don’t understand, this seems to be another official opening, at which the Mayor, Cllr Lesley Dedman, and the Scout Group President, John Downer, cut a ribbon to declare it open. There is double-glazing on the windows, insulation, a kitchen, disabled access and toilets. Sadly, the date of this event is not mentioned in the article!

Special praise went to Bournemouth Airport, which gave £10,000 from its Community Fund. Altogether the hut cost £186,000, which was raised through support such as this and fundraising drives.   Group Scout Leader, Graham Marwick, said, “It is a smashing new building and it will make a huge difference.’

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15 October

The Famous Health Walks

TUESDAY, 15 October – 10.30am
Christchurch Health Walk from Saxon Square

You are no doubt familiar with the many Christchurch Health Walks which take place on most days of the week. Today I went to update another page with developments (more tomorrow) and passed through Saxon Square on the way to the brilliant new toilets (you didn’t want to know that, did you!).

The Coming Up listing for today’s Health Walk is copied above. I stopped to look. It was incredibly impressive, the group seemed friendly and very well 0rganised. There is no need to book, you just turn up.

The Leaders have a yellow vest with the words ‘Walk this way.’
Another person makes a list, to ensure that no-one is lost.

I will be giving it a go very soon. In the meantime, do check Coming Up and join in!

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23 October

It Looks Great …

… even in the dull weather we have had recently. You may remember the beach slope in Friars Cliff, which had been rebuilt some time ago. The grassy knoll at the top was a great place to stop, rest, look, snooze. Here is a link to remind you of what happened.

What it looked like in February 2019. Click for a larger image

Today, for the first time for ages, I walked by there, and it looked fantastic. There was a profusion of flowers and an interesting gravel path leading across the patch. A lot made from a little!

This is what it is like now. Add some sunshine and it will be idyllic.

Click for a larger image

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30 October

Action in Highcliffe!

Not exactly drama on the streets of LA, but going through the Wortley Road Car Park this morning, there were workmen repairing the Co-op. During my surprisingly comfortable visit to the nearby chiropodist I learned that there had been a raid and the windows had been smashed in. Like all effective reporters, I confess that I hadn’t paid much attention, so on the way home I had another look and saw workmen repairing the damage. They looked at me suspiciously, as though they would not welcome intrusion, so being of a nervous disposition I just sneaked the photograph below with my phone.

Repairs under way

Here is the report in The Echo. Spot the error!

RAIDERS rammed a Land Rover into a Highcliffe shop late last night, police say.

However, the vehicle overturned onto its roof during the attempt. There is currently no further information on whether anything was taken.

Officers were called just after 11.30pm to the Co-op in Lymington Road.

Police say a Land Rover Discovery had repeatedly hit the front of the shop, smashing the glass door and destroying a shutter, before overturning onto its roof. The offenders then ran off towards Wortley Road. It is not yet clear if anything was taken.

Detective Inspector Gavin House, of Bournemouth CID, called for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the nearby area at the relevant time to get in touch. “I would also like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information to assist my investigation,” he said. Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police via dorset.police.uk or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190171017.

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31 October

Ready for Guy

As you know, this morning started rainy and dull, and then it improved – it was just dull!

Anyway, despite this, when walking into Christchurch I was surprised to see the preparations for Saturday’s Community Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular on Stanpit Recreation Ground. The huge bonfire was very impressive: it will not be just any bonfire – it will be a Christchurch Rotary Club Charity Bonfire!

Just the start: see the picture below.
Click for a larger image
Still more wood arriving, and it was only 9am.

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