(1b) November 2019

1 November

It’s November!

Just a reminder of Thomas Hood’s famous poem, followed by a picture taken on a dull, windy day at Mudeford this morning.

No sun – no moon! No morn – no noon – No dawn – no dusk – no proper time of day. No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease, No comfortable feel in any member – No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! – November!

Despite that cheery opinion there were quite a number out and about and enjoying the refreshing breeze! Dogs had their sometimes bedraggled excitement and fun, too.

Wrapped up against the breeze!

3 November

After the Storm

Yesterday the wind was extremely strong for much of the morning. It was reported that The Needles had had a gust of well over 100mph, so it must have been approaching that here. Today dawned much more settled, but the damage is still there for all to see. First, the Old Police Station, fenced off so strongly before, is now a shadow of its former self.

There was damage across the area:

On a somewhat happier note, meet Harry. This fine bulldog was enjoying lots of attention, little talks, stroking and scratching from his doting owners. Perhaps he wasn’t so keen on posing for my camera, but he did it anyway, amenable fellow that he is! There are high-resolution versions of the pictures below. Click each one to view in a new window.

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6 November

A  Very Unusual Update

Why? It is unusual because it is being updated two days late, as I had taken the photographs below on the previous Wednesday. I had decided to wait in the – as it happens – vain hope that some more information would be published about the cancelled bonfire at Stanpit Recreation Ground in Saturday, 2 November.

No such luck. The weather was as poor in New Milton that day as it was in Stanpit, but they have re-organised theirs, with notices posted around. So theirs is happening as I write, on the subsequent Saturday. Incidentally the weather has been awful today as well, though not as bad as last week.

There is nothing on their Facebook page, and on another site (not linked) it is just crossed out with strikethrough. So I assume it will not be happening. Whatever will they do with the wood? See below.

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    7 November


    This morning I went to put some litter into the bin by The Buttery in Purewell and was surprised to see a hedgehog ambling along the car park. Forgetting the litter, I quickly got my camera and took the pictures below. Afterwards it started moving towards the road, so I stood in its way. Thankfully it changed direction and went back into the the scrubby undergrowth. As usual, click for a larger version.

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    10 November

    Remembrance Day – Football

Just one picture for now – this was taken at around 11.15am, after the teams had stood for their minute’s silence at 11 o’clock. Apologies – I was told that the teams playing were St Catherine’s (St Katherine’s)  and Parkstone Rangers. Sadly I have been unable to find the result, or even details of the teams.

Click for a larger image

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12 November

Fence Repair

You may remember last week’s severe storm, which caused a lot of damage on the Saturday morning, including the collapse of the fence surrounding the Old Police Station.

Today it was being repaired. The workmen saw me taking photographs, and one called me over. He was very pleasant and took a few moments to explain what was happening. They had come down from Norwich and intend to finish it the same day, to get back home tonight! The old fence posts have been dug out and new ones put in, much deeper, and with struts to add strength and stability. It was only a short chat, as they were hard at work, so thanks once more to them.

Postscript – 13 November

True to their word it is finished, and with a smart new metal door and two very secure locks.

It certainly looks very solid and I even gave it a bit of a bash (when no-one was looking!). Don’t worry, the only damage was to my hand!]

Incidentally, as you can see on the left, the workmen left an extra screw behind.

This picture, and the one below, were taken on Wednesday morning at around 9.30am. 

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19 November

Much Colder on the Marsh

This morning was a cold one, according to the weather forecast the coldest of the autumn so far.

The evidence is clear

However, the keen ornithologists and their subjects were out early. Click the birds for a larger image.

Telescope ready

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25 November

Interesting …

Well, I think so. This morning it was raining quite hard and very persistently.  However, fate intervened and I was able to go for a walk without getting more than a little damp. In fact, it even stopped for a time.

For first interesting sight was in Somerford. In one of the flats there is a cat which seems to spend all its time comfortably viewing the world from the windowsill. Today was the same, but there was also two friends. The white cat was delighted to stay still to pose for the camera, ignoring the companions.

Then I reached Robert Hancock’s house, with its fantastic garden which is admired by everyone. There have been two updates in the past: here and here. There was even an article in the Christchurch Times last year.

Well, now he is working hard on his Christmas display.

Setting up the lights
Santa rides again!

Finally, after I had finished chatting to Bob I turned around and there were lots of cyclists going past. This is a Council (BCP) group, and they were all smiling despite the weather, though I admit it was not actually raining at the time. Whatever the weather was doing, I am sure they all enjoy it. The group sets off from Highcliffe Castle on Mondays – see the link above for details.

Click for a larger image. Note that most of the group had passed.
Click for a larger image. Getting the group together again, in the car park of the Somerford

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26 November

Christmas is Coming

Today near the Mayor’s Parlour Santa’s smart new grotto was being set up.

You may have already seen the Christmas Lights, and this will add another touch, before the festivities really begin.

As you can see, the free post box is also ready and waiting for children to post letters to Santa all the way over at the North Pole. Click the image on the left to read it properly, including the all-important address. There are several alternatives addresses.

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