(1a) December 2019

1 December

It’s Nearly Time To Vote!

Just to get the new month started, this morning I saw something really surprising near Waitrose: a bicycle stationed by the roundabout with a LibDem sign on it. Not sure if this is allowed, and I’m not giving any indication of my voting intention. It’s just a snippet of minor interest. Click the image for a larger version, and then View Full Size for an even bigger one! Note that the latter opens in a new window.

Finally, note that the header picture is a temporary one of the Christmas 10K two years ago. Hopefully the weather will be better this year.  That event is next Sunday, December 8.

2 December

I Was Wrong!

The other day, 26 November, I was delighted to see Santa’s Grotto being prepared and the post box installed in Saxon Square. Christmas Is Coming, said the item. Well, Christmas is still coming, but Santa’s Grotto and the post box are no more. See Before and After, below.

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3 December

It’s Gone!

Scroll to the top to see the LibDem bicycle which I noticed on Sunday. Well, it’s gone now, and the roundabout is restored to its former non-political glory!

Update, that evening: I had a message – ‘Don’t think bike has gone completely. XXXX saw a man putting it away tonight. Think they move it around in daylight!’ If you get any more sightings, please let me know at confer@ThisIsChristchurch.com. A picture would be even better!

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6 December

It’s Diamond Diva Time Again

This year they are doing four sessions in supermarkets in the area. today they were in Tesco, Castle Lane, and were obviously thoroughly enjoying the occasion.

However, it is not all about a sing-song, carols, even Christmas. They also raise money for Macmillan Caring Locally, a charity supporting those diagnosed or involved with cancer in any way. Here are some pictures, taken on my mobile phone – I had only intended to go shopping! To see bigger versions in a gallery, click and then if you wish, View Full Size on the bottom right of each picture. Note that those open the picture in a new window.


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8 December

The Indiscipline of the Event!

Click for a much larger image

What better way to prepare for Christmas? Today was the famous Christchurch Christmas Pudding 10K, which sets off from Ambury Lane (behind Sainsbury’s) and wends its way through country lanes back to the beginning.

As you can see, it was a chance to have great fun, while also getting fit. I took around 200 decent (ie usable) photos, so a report will be produced tomorrow when I have finally decided which to choose.

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9 December

It’s Turned Up Again!

Only three days to go, and you have no doubt seen the bike appearing around the area. Well, this morning it was parked near Saxon Square. Click for a larger image.

The town was already getting busy, and Santa was setting up by Argos.

Preparing for ‘Away in a Manger’

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11 December


Looking through the online version of The Echo, I was alerted to the following comment: ‘Baggies is closed lol … the people who own Cameron’s are the new owners of the unit its also changed name to EAT.’ I have not published the rude comment made by Deb’s Withers’ [sic] about the error in the article. However, the article and other comments can be read here.

I suppose it is easily done. After all I visit Christchurch regularly so should have noticed. Debs is right, and here is the evidence:

Was ‘Baggies,’ now ‘Eat’

BCP Council had rejected the application by the owner, Mike Ismail, to serve alcohol until 2am every day of the week as he had found it difficult to make a profit. I must say, I had been surprised to read about this application some months ago: Christchurch is lovely, but I can’t imagine it being a throbbing hangout until the early hours.

There were quite a number of objections, including from the police, and these were backed up by Kim Bowditch, the Planning Officer.

Click this image and scroll down a little to see more information.

Finally, upstairs in Baggies, when it was Baggies!

Update – 17 April 2020

This morning I was quite shocked to see it as the main article in the online Bournemouth Echo. Although, as you have seen, it looks quite impressive and even stylish from the outside, it has achieved the remarkable food hygiene rating of zero!

Click the image to read the article, which will open in a new window. It is worth reading the comments, too!

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13 December

Just a Short Update Today

As yesterday was the General Election, and it was a very long night, there is only this picture of Robert Hancock’s garden, which is now bedecked with lights. I will soon go down there at night, to see them while illuminated.

Click for a larger image

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16 December

Byron Road Lights

As it is quite late for this daily update, just one picture today. The Byron Road lights are as fantastic as ever, perhaps even more so, and therefore I will do a page tomorrow dedicated to this incredible display. For now, just enjoy this scene, and click for a larger image!

Click for a much larger image

More pictures, and an article, here.

19 December

We Meet at Last!

You may remember the famous Lidl cat, a regular visitor to Lidl on Somerford Road. Here is an article from the Bournemouth Echo, published on 18th June, 2017. So I had been looking forward to seeing this cat every time I visited Lidl, but sadly moggy was there none!

This morning, however, I ambled into the store and was delighted to see, on collecting a basket, said puss throughly enjoying sitting on the boxes of wine inside, by the door. Very friendly, and as I was taking the photographs several customers enjoyed making a fuss. The cat enjoyed it, too! Click any image below to view larger copies in a gallery.

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20 December

It’s Open

It was good to see that Baggies (as was) is now open as Just Eat. Scroll up to the 11th, and you can see it in the final stages of preparation. There are two images below, the second of which can be opened in a larger view so that you can read the menu. Looks good.

Click for a larger image

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December 23


Nice weather for ducks: a cliche, certainly, but very appropriate this morning. There had been a lot of rain over the last few days, and the already-saturated ground could not take any more. Here is a picture from August last year of the meadows near the Stony Lane Roundabout, with the cows lying contentedly on the baked ground.

Christchurch cows lying down

And here is that ground today. Clue – it is under the lake!

Click for a larger version

The road below the railway bridge was seriously flooded, too ,and the cars had to queue and then go through very slowly. It was by the pavement (shown on the left, below), and several pedestrians were drenched, even though they hurried as quickly as they could.

Click for a larger image
Almost up to the bridge, and high on the fishing sign

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25 December

An Invigorating Christmas Dip

This morning, after the 8 o’clock service at St John’s Purewell and before lunch I walked down to Avon Beach to see the promised Yoga: not to take part, but to get a few photos.

Well, I missed it. Very impressive, though, was the young lady embracing the chilly yet sunny morning with a festive swim. There are a couple of photographs below. You may notice the hardiness of the man with her, in wetsuit while she was in her cozzy! Even more impressive, I did speak to her afterwards and she was about to go in again, despite blood from an injury to her leg caused when the waves knocked her over.

Whoever said that women were the weaker sex?

Just going in. What fun …
Both enjoying the moment!

Incidentally, the lady is aware that images would be published, I hope she likes them. Click for a larger version.

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26 December

Two Local Hostelries

You may remember Ye Olde Starre Inn, which was notorious some time ago. Here is an article in the Bournemouth Echo on 17 March 2018, reporting on a zero hygiene rating. One of the comments made me smile, despite the seriousness of the offence:

Never mind Ye Olde Starre Inne – imagine the damage to Ye Olde Starre Out after eating there! Probably safer to take your chances at Top Wok!!

Anyway, it is now open again as the Smugglers Run. Read a happier article from The Echo. They had been working on it for some time, as shown below, and it does look very smart. I’m sure we all with them well.

Next to Burton. they have also been working hard for weeks on the Manor Arms. A general view is below, and at the bottom the sign advertising its opening. Spot the grammatical error!

Was The Manor Inn, soon to be The Bear of Burton

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