2017 (g) – 10K Christmas Run

What a great way to spend a cold, windy and very wet Sunday!

This took place on Sunday, December 10th, 2017, starting from Ambury Lane at 11am. There were over 500 runners on the 6.2 mile course, the winner finishing in 33minutes 11 seconds, and others finishing steadily over the next hour or so. As you may be aware, the weather was dreadful throughout the country. For the next couple of days there was a lot of snow, and Monday night was to be the coldest of the year. Fortunately we were very lucky in our little microclimate down here, and only had to endure torrential rain, a freezing wind, and water which went over the runners’ ankles! The pictures below are just a few of the 350 taken about two miles into the course, which was heading towards and around South Bockhampton. Click each picture for a larger version, about 500Kb. Note that some of them seem rather murky. That is because the rain was constantly falling on the lens, which had to be wiped with a hanky every minute. The pictures will open in a new window: use the back button to return. The rest of the pictures, including the start and finish, are on Charles Whitton Photography.