2018 (e) – Supercar Show, 10 June

10 June: This was another incredibly busy, and very successful, event, with funds raised supporting the Walking With the Wounded charity.
Another big event on the main street
I was hoping to get a video of the cars driving to the event, led by Harley Davidson motorcycles. Unfortunately that was not to be. It was meant to go through Highcliffe, so I had been stationed on the bench outside the Golf Course when, after 25 minutes, camera poised on tripod, a kind passer-by told me that it was actually going through Hoburne. It was hotfoot back to my basic car, to get to the roundabout. Another long wait, and then a different nice person told me that it had been on social media that it was actually using the A35! No video from me then, apologies. There was no mention of the changed route on their excellent event website, so perhaps the police had insisted that it was re-routed, maybe because there had been a very serious accident in Highcliffe the morning before. So it had to be still pictures in Christchurch. I’m quite glad really. Not being an aficionado, I hadn’t intended to go, but it was really enjoyable. As you can see, it was incredibly busy, and took quite a time just to walk the length of the street.
It was busy, but there were lots of places for lunch
Live entertainment was with Dean Dyson, who was rather good! Here he is singing a song for Delilah, his partner of 42 years. Note that this was not recorded in Christchurch.
Dean Dyson performing famous songs.
Do look at his website – www.DeanDyson.com
Obviously this is a car show. If you’re looking for tons of expert information about them I’m sorry to say that you’re in the wrong place: as Manuel said in Fawlty Towers, ‘I know nothing!’ However, here are a few pictures.
McLaren – just one of the top cars on view.
Click for a larger picture – 2000x1500px, 1Mb, opens in a new window.
On show in Saxon Square.
Click for a larger picture – 2000x1500px, 1Mb, opens in a new window.
I think this is a Ferrari!
Finally, the Echo report.