2019 (i) – Stompin’ on the Quomps, 3 August

Another Great year

This year it took place on Saturday, August 3. For some background I can do no better than quote the co-founder of the event, Adrian Dwyer. This was his final year as Chair of the Festival. ‘I can’t quite believe we’ve made it to 25. We started back in 1994 with one band on the bandstand and a small gathering, and now we have a full day programme with two stages and attract an audience of thousands. This is my last year as chair and it’s great to go out on such a high note with another excellent programme.’ The weather was cloudy but very pleasant, and people were able to enjoy a picnic, although some did panic when heavy raindrops began towards the end. However, that didn’t fulfil its threat, and the weather once more  became very pleasant.
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This is the programme, reduced in size from their website:
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Here is a link to the event website, and here are some links to some of the artistes’ performances (all YouTube): Finally, some pictures from the afternoon. I was only there for two of the bands, so apologies if you feel left out! In each case click the pictures to see larger versions.
Just chilling!