2019 (b) – Pancake Day, 5 March

This year it took place on Tuesday March 5. It is always on a Tuesday (the clue is in the name, Shrove Tuesday!), and the next day is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent and a forty-day fast. Over a thousand years ago Aelfric of Eynsham wrote: In the week immediately before Lent everyone shall go to his confessor and confess his deeds and the confessor shall so shrive him as he then may hear by his deeds what he is to do [in the way of penance]. The tradition of eating pancakes goes back five hundred years. It was a way of using up  butter, eggs and fat that would be give up during Lent. Here is some information about the Christchurch event:
  • Where? – The Bowling Green, opposite the Kings Arms Hotel.
  • When? – 5 March, at 10am
  • How? – Ten teams of four in a relay back and forth along the short side of the green. Each person does two widths.
  • Winning Team? – Frettens (solicitors)
  • Winners of the Chef’s Contest, between the Kings Arms and the Captain’s Club: The Kings Arms. Click here for a picture of the proud Chefs, with certificate, in front of their hotel.
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