2019 (m) – Highcliffe Christmas Lights, 22 November

Highcliffe Tesco Express

Well, it’s over! Surprisingly, though I have lived in Highcliffe for some years, it is the first time I have been to – or even known about – this event. The venue was the Tesco Express car park on Friday November 22 at 6pm.

It was crowded! The car park is not particularly capacious, though fine for those transient customers popping in for a few essentials, and moving was a slow, dark process as there were so many people. I did not see the switch on, performed by Bob Hutchings, Chairman of Highcliffe Parish Council, but did see them coming on, and they really looked pretty good. There are not many worthwhile pictures of the lights here – I will visit when it is quieter to get those record shots.

Here you can see Santa’s grotto before he arrived by bus (see header picture). As you can see it looks rather forlorn, though brightly-illuminated, but there were queues of excited children – and adults – when he arrived in his resplendent glory. Again, because of the crowds, there is no picture. Trust me, it was busy.

Click for a larger image (probably not worth it!)

On arrival, it was good to hear the excellent James Emmett’s Ragtime Revellers. Fortunately it was not too cold, and the predicted rain had stayed away, so they performed with vigour and suitable festive enthusiasm.

The Ragtime Revellers in action. Click to hear them on YouTube
A kind person giving the now-contented snowman a warming coffee. Click for a larger image.

You could also sing along with the Highcliffe Charity Players. Having enjoyed the coffee, the snowman – oops, snowperson – was thrilled to join in.

Click for a larger image.

You can see a YouTube video of them here.

The ubiquitous snowmanperson once more. Click for a larger image.

Of course, there were refreshments.

    • Complimentary hot chocolate and mince pies (thank you, Tesco Express!)
    • Cake and pastries from Highcliffe Bakery
    • Hot dogs and hamburgers from Chris Watson, our local family butcher

Finally, two random pictures from the event. First, a Tesco Shopping Trolley (how appropriate!) filled with illuminated goodies, and then  Santa’s bus coming to a halt. You can, if you look closely, see the crowds.

In each case click for a larger image. To conclude, a scan of a page in the Highcliffe Eye is at the bottom.