2019 (e) – Highcliffe Food & Arts Festival, 1-2 June

More Than Just Food

The Highcliffe Food, Arts and Crafts Festival

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SATURDAY & SUNDAY, 1 June, 10am-5pm; 2 June, 10am-4pm The weather was excellent this year, very warm on Saturday and a little cooler – pleasantly so – and cloudy on Sunday, but without rain on either day. Food was the main focus, of course, but there was  lots of arts and crafts and some excellent live music. On the left you can see two very tall chefs keeping their balance while, I hope, getting ready to prepare a balanced dish! Below I have shown just four of the many different food stalls. In each case, click for a larger version. Now two of the arts and craft stalls. Here is a card by Caroline Harris, from Sea-Saw Design. Click the image to go to the Facebook page.Of course, there was music and lots of things to do. Below are the Fifenellas, and the programme for Sunday. Click for a larger image, or see the Youtube video below. Note about the video. As I have said several times before, I am not very good at video, but I have published the above. The second section particularly is very good, and it is all great fun. Unfortunately the sound was over-recorded, and there is clipping and distortion, but is still worth listening to. I must persevere, and hopefully do better next time!
Here is a low-resolution copy of the complete programme, about 3Mb. It is also worth looking at the event website. This is not the same as the printed copy, but there is even more information. To view, click the image below.
Click to go to their website
For information you can see last year’s Festival report here, including video. Both local Festivals are on that page, scroll down for the Highcliffe one. The header picture on that page shows tired Zumba performers outside Tesco.