2019 (j) – Fun on the Quomps, 26 August

Organised by the Christchurch Lions, this took place on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 August 2019. The heatwave of the previous few days continued, and queues for ice-cream were lengthy!

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Of course, there was a brass band, with lots of people enjoying it, sitting in the sunshine and heat. Well done to the smart conductor, who must have been roasting in his suit, and the band for playing so enthusiastically.

I have not ignored the band, it just happens that the best pictures were of the conductor. Click any of the images below for much larger version.

There wasn’t only music, of course. For the more dramatically-inclined, there was serious, though perhaps politically-incorrect in these modern times, Punch and Judy. It was very funny and sadly I enjoyed it as much as the many children who were watching, though of course I didn’t indulge in the shouting out!

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Then there was a poor young man who was frequently doused in water. Fortunately but was a hot day, so pneumonia was not a risk. Click an image below for a larger version.

“Who’s that fool taking photos?”

To conclude, it was a fantastic day in glorious weather (some of you may remember the old days, when it always seemed to rain on Bank Holidays). Various charities took part, with their representatives chatting to passers-by. The water fun, above, was run by the Round Table. Naturally there were the usual stalls selling refreshments of many kinds, and they were redoing good trade. It could hardly have been better. Here’s to next year!