2017 (e) – Christmas Festival, 25 November

This year, 2017, it took place on Saturday, 25 November, exactly a month before Christmas Day. As usual the town was packed with stalls, fast-food stands of many types, even some reindeer and fairground rides. The High Street was, of course, closed to traffic, leaving plenty of room for a bespectacled Santa (having paid too much close attention to the elves and the presents, obviously!) to make his way to Saxon Square from The Priory, which had also been incredibly busy with stalls and fundraising for good causes, to turn this year’s Christmas lights on. Below are some pictures to give a flavour of this year’s event. In each case click on the picture to get a high-res version, around 1Mb and choose View full size at the bottom right. I must buy a flashgun for next year! There are excellent pictures in The Echo, though if you want one you have to buy it!