2018 (c) – Classic Cars, 15 April

Christchurch Cars on the Quay This event took place on Christchurch Quay on Sunday, 15 April 2018. It is actually one of the many events of Classic Cars on the Prom. This is their website:


Speaking to one of the marshals, she told me that they are at different events weekly. The weather this morning seemed fine. I thought we had escaped the threatening rain, but it did start properly after about an hour. The picture at the top gives an indication of the welcome, and the gloominess of the day. The sun did actually shine brightly in the afternoon, though! Here are some pictures of six of the cars approaching the event. If you are around forty or more you may remember some of them. As it’s only for cars before 1983, if you’re a youngster you definitely won’t, but you can still admire them! NOTE that clicking on each image will give a large version, 2000 by 1500px, 300dpi, less than 1Mb. You are welcome to use these in any way you wish.

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Now here are some British cars, mainly of the ’50s: Ford, Rover, Austin and Vauxhall: Thanks to the owner for speaking about his Chevette. I told him that I remembered them well, as notorious for rust. He had actually rebuilt a lot of it, and made it even more reliable by adding a modern engine (second picture). The best of both worlds, I think!
A Car in Detail I’m sure everyone remembers the Jaguar and Mercedes emblems, unfortunately no longer extant. The one below shows a Ford Model A, which came straight after the famous Model T, which you could have in any colour as long as it was black. The Model A has a quail as its emblem, shown below. See also the unusual spark plugs, not involving the modern rubber self-contained HT leads which so many of us will have used.
Last but not least, three cars chosen at random. The TVR sports car, alas no longer, was made in a little factory down a side-street in Bispham, near Blackpool. Many will remember the MG in the background, very few the white one. Finally, what better way to finish than with a Rolls-Royce!
The next meeting in our area is at Highcliffe Castle on Sunday, May 20th, from 11am-4pm. If you have anything to correct, or information you wish to add, please email it to confer@ThisIsChristchurch.com See their full programme here. Pdf, two A4 pages, around 400k