2018 (h) – Christchurch Carnival, 18-19 August

The best introduction to this is to quote some information about its history from the Carnival website: Christchurch Carnival originated before the war and is still giving pleasure to residents and those from surrounding areas. As with many things it was abandoned during the hostilities, to be restarted soon afterwards. At that time it was organised by the regatta committee. Remarkably this carnival has been successful for over 100 years and is run completely by a willing band of volunteers.
This year it took place on 18-19 August, though I was unable to attend on the Saturday. The first three pictures below were taken on the Sunday, at the fairground. The weather was rather dull then. As you can see, both days were packed with events,
Christchurch Carnival Events
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You could even have your fortune told – at a price!
Christchurch Carnival 2018
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The procession went from Two Riversmeet, through the town, finishing at The Quomps,Christchurch Carnival Route 2018 Here are more pictures of the parade.

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Waiting to start, only an hour to go!
He’s waiting too, and kept shooting to give us all a shock. Fortunately it isn’t dangerous
Turned out nice again – a sunny afternoon
The High Street was quite crowded
It was worth waiting for
An HGV Licence at his age. Surely not …
Faster transport
What could be more fun, on a sunny afternoon in August?
Thanks to everyone who worked so hard, and gave their time so freely, to make it such a success. A goodly sum was raised for charity. Near the end of the video below, the young lady is even dancing while collecting.