2020 (d) Funfair

From 6-22 August, 1pm-9pm. (Closed on Sundays)

This is the first event which has been held in Christchurch since the start of the Covid-19 virus. Although strictly not an ‘event’ such as a carnival, parade, or whatever, it is included here in the absence of others. It looks to be very well-organised, and Covid-safe routines are in place. Click the image below to see a larger and hopefully legible version. Scroll further down to see a bit of the action.

When I passed by on Wednesday, 5th August, people of all ages were setting up, and it seemed to be jolly hard work! Click the image below and you will be able to read the important information on the board.

Next Day (Thursday): It’s Open!

These were taken mid-afternoon, and it was already filling up. The pictures were taken from outside, as some of rides were so terrifying I was too scared to go in; further, I’m not really one for fun, either! The pictures below, then, are somewhat restricted, as there is also a thick wire fence all the way round. However, the funfair is certainly recommended, they all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Larger versions of the pictures below are available, just click to view. They open in a new window.

The helter-skelter had a steady, well-spaced stream of young clients
You wouldn’t get me up there!
They are braver than I am! Note – the colours had to be changed, to show the people clearly.

To Conclude …

This afternoon (Saturday, 8 August) I revisited, with a long lens this time. That was essential, as I took the pictures from the recreation ground, and the participants were a long distance away, or very high up! There are five images below, click to see much a larger version.

Update, 9 August: The original gallery has been changed to individual pictures. This is because on viewing the images on a tablet they did not appear clearly (except the first one).

Put it this way: rather them than me. The girl on the left in the main picture is waving, brave lass! The one next to her is hanging on, sensible lass!
She obviously really enjoyed it. I wonder if she had a second go … I bet the person next to her didn’t!
A rather more relaxing ride, but still not for me!
Oh dear.
On dear, a second time.

To Conclude (Really!)

It was high. Look carefully, you can see a little pair of legs at the top!

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