2020 (f) Paddleboard Christmas

Nautical Santas, 20 December

I came across this while on a walk by Tuckton Bridge and the Quomps. It was organised by BH Activity Junkies and Dorset SUP Day. Thanks so much to Neil, who used the contact form to let me know who organised it, and also provided the interesting links above.

All I can really say about this is that it was lots of paddle-boarders and canoeists sailing up and down the river. This has been put in the events menu, though it was not a formal event. It was great fun, though!

And now a very short video

See if you can hear the shouted Christmas greeting

Remember the SmugMug gallery, with lots more. This has much larger photos, and twenty of them. They are around 4-5Mb in size, so may take a short time to show clearly – until then it will look blocky when you first zoom in.

The pictures below show the entire contents of the gallery. Obviously these are low resolution, but should help you decide whether to go on to the gallery to download a high-quality version.

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Addendum: I have found some information which may or may not be relevant: a similar event took place in 2018. Click the image from their Facebook page to go there (opens in a new window).