2020 (f) Christchurch Christmas

Although Christmas in Christchurch is always a fantastic occasion, this year it cannot be as spectacular: Coronavirus has put paid to that. So, while there will not be a single special event because of social distancing, I have used poetic licence and called this whole month a special event. It also adds a fourth item to the sparse Events Index.

So we make the best of a difficult situation. Even though the Christmas Lights have not had a formal switch-on, they look just as impressive as usual. Much larger, freely-downloadable versions of these are also available on SmugMug (opens in a new window). Note that there appear to be few people there: I arrived at 4.30pm and it was only just getting going. Click to view the Gallery.

The Christmas Market is still taking place, and running until December 13.

On going through the arches behind the Christmas tree, you enter Saxon Square and view lots of stalls behind a very important sign warning about anti-virus safety. Coming through the Arcade, there is a Christmas tree, sanitiser station, and warning.

There is an article in the Bournemouth Echo. Here is a quote, though I am not sure about the first sentence (in italics), by the Lead Member for BCP Retail Strategy and Christchurch Regeneration, Nigel Brooks!

‘Our connected communities objective strives to empower our communities so everyone feels safe, engaged and included and it’s important that this happens with the Christmas market.’ The market has a number of stalls selling festive handmade goods, stocking fillers, street food and groceries.

One of the stalls was selling cosy polar hats, visible on the header image. Another was selling lots of varieties of olives. I bought some, and they were superb. Thanks to Olive (sorry, Freudian slip) Sarah for letting me sample them.

Next! Sarah, pausing after serving my olives. Click for larger, back to return.

One eye-catching display was of Christmas decorations.

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They looked fantastic, so I make no apology for including two pictures of these. Chatting to the stallholder, he said that they were made in India, so we had a long talk about how interesting the country is. We talked about Delhi, and though we both liked it, he said he prefers Mumbai, so that sounds like a good idea for a post-coronavirus trip!

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They looked great in daylight, too. Other stalls attracted attention, and several people bought a Viking Drinking Horn (every home should have one).

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Wooden items: Click for larger, back to return
A windmill for Christmas. Click for larger, back to return

Finally, it was good to visit Druitt Hall. They had a good selection of crafts and gifts at decent prices and were very friendly too!

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Remember, most of these pictures are available, much bigger, on SmugMug. They are around 5Mb, so may take some time to show properly, depending on the speed of your connection.

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