2020 (e) Remembrance Sunday, 8 November

This page is not a record of an event, for the Remembrance Services and Parades could not take place this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic. So this is not an actual, tangible event, but rather a record of and tribute to all those who died or suffered in the World Wars, who have suffered since, and are suffering today in conflicts around the world. Tragically, none of these has been a ‘… war to end all wars.’

I could publish a poem from the First World War, but those are too dreadfully familiar, so instead here is John Mills reading ‘For Johnny.’ Perhaps not the greatest war poem, but one certainly with poignancy and a look to the future.

Yesterday morning I went to see the War Memorial at St Mark’s Church, Highcliffe. The painted stones were sensitively done (more below), but this one of Stuart Hooper particularly interested me. His name is also on the memorial:

I had to check, a DAAG is a Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General. Rather than rewriting it myself, this is what Wikipedia says:

‘For over 250 years the Adjutant-General to the Forces was one of the most senior officers in the British Army. He was responsible for developing the Army’s personnel policies and supporting its people.’

Here are his details, from WinchesterCollegeAtWar. Click the image for more.

So here are some more stones:

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Now something from previous ceremonies. Sorry, I don’t know what happened to 2017!

Finally, here is a video from years in the recent past. First, two scenes from Highcliffe, and finally Purewell.

Report and photographs in The Echo about the Bournemouth Service.

And In Burton …

On Monday morning was a chance to see St Luke’s Church. They had a fantastic display there – a cross, more stones and a wreath, all beautifully laid out. The man in the first picture had recently retired, from Sussex. I asked why he had retired down here, and he said that Sussex, though beautiful, was too hilly! Further, he was a builder and wanted to avoid clients calling him to do ad hoc jobs! He will certainly have some peace down here – and fewer hills, too.

Finally, the Mayor’s Parlour looked fantastic, decked with poppies.

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Fantastic Display

Two weeks later I passed St Mark’s School in Highcliffe. Although this page was thought to be complete, I had to take some photographs of the superb display outside, all laminated to protect them from the weather, as you can see from all the raindrops on the ‘Remember’ one. Click the gallery at the bottom to see larger versions.

This is just part of it. Click for larger, back to return.