2019 (p) Byron Road Lights

This year was a special opening, as it will be the last for which there is a specific ceremony. However, the display will continue in the future. I quote from The Echo: Jason Dean, presenter and organiser of the event, told the Daily Echo: ‘This year is our last switch-on event but the lights themselves will continue to be on every year. There is the cost of insurance, and public liability costs are rising.  My dad isn’t getting any younger and we’ve been running the light switch-on event for 15 years. We’ve decided to stop the switch-on after this year because of lots of work – my dad pays insurance costs and he won’t take a penny from charity. It all equates to about £1,000 just for two minutes of a light switch-on. But I cannot see why the lights will not carry on every year, we just will not be putting on the switch-on event. This year will be the biggest and best switch-on ever. It’s going to be a good one.’ If you would like to read more, and even see a short video of the switch on, have a look at the ITV Report.