2019 (l) – Remembrance Sunday, 10 November

Remembrance Day Parade – The Royal British Legion

As has been usual for these ceremonies, the day dawned bright and frequently sunny. The crowds, almost universally quiet and respectful, were out early. For a change I stationed myself at the entrance to The Priory grounds to photograph them coming in. Sadly there was a problem with the camera (a poor workman sorry, workperson …), so there are not many pictures of this, plus the header picture. The low walls by the path were covered with decorated stones, produced by local children from schools, cubs, etc.  That picture just shows a few.

Click on each set to see larger versions in a gallery, and then View Full Size for even larger. The Procession Arrives at The Priory: Notice the decorative stones. Well done – they were brilliant. After the Service: Incidentally, while waiting for the Service to finish, I went to the recreation ground and took some pictures of a football match. Remembrance Day is for the whole country to observe, and a picture below  shows the minute’s silence before a local League game. I was told that the teams playing were St Catherine’s (St Katherine’s)  and Parkstone Rangers. Sadly I have been unable to find the result, or even details of the teams. Last – well, actually first! There was a ceremony at the Purewell Memorial. This started the day, at 9.15am. There were prayers, a hymn and, of course, the silence, Last Post and Reveille. See the Service Sheet (opens in a new window). Click on each wreath below to read the inscriptions.