2019 (n) – 10K Christmas Run, 8 December

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This report is different from the others: there are fewer photographs, and their groupings will hopefully give an impression of what the event was like. The weather was almost perfect, sunny spells and no rain, though the wind did gust at times. I have split the pictures below into three blocks.

Going for Gold

First, the ‘serious’ runners, those for whom each race might be a personal best, no pain no gain, discipline of the event, and so on.  The runners had to cross a ford, and the weather had been so wet the night before that the marshals had to tell them to go across the footbridge. I did not see this as I was round the corner, but one runner certainly went straight through, despite the protestations of the marshals. I did hear the splash, however. That ford, taken after a dry period, is shown below: it was much, much deeper on race day. Note that the athletes run up this road towards the finisher couple of miles away.

The full results are here.

The then-shallow ford, and the narrow footbridge

Having Fun

As you no doubt know from the London Marathon, and so on, it is not unusual for the less serious, but still dedicated, runners to wear fancy costumes. Not everyone did, of course, some of these runners also aim for a personal best, or whatever, or just to go as fast as they can. As you can see from the picture at the top of this page, some really do just go to enjoy it and even pose for a picture.

It’s (Nearly) Christmas

And some dressed very appropriately in anticipation of the revelries to come.

To End, Four Random Images