2018 (j) – 10K Christmas Run, 9 December

There were two differences between this one and last year’s.
  1. Last year’s was 10th December, this year’s was 9th!
  2. Much more significant: The weather was really pleasant this year, last year the runners had to plough ankle-deep through floods. Click the picture below to see the page for that event.
Last year’s event, 10 December 2017
So now to sunnier times. Click the picture in the gallery below to get a printable version (5″x7″) or just to have a closer look. (Look on the bottom right of each one to get a downloadable version). I have concentrated almost entirely on those who did it within the Christmas spirit, appropriately dressed for the festive occasion. Here are the three winners, a few hundred yards from the finish. As before, click for a larger picture. There complete results are here.