Statistics So Far

16 April: The full set of figures is not very informative, because the most recent columns are so tiny. I have therefore updated this page. The information towards the bottom will be kept so that you can check back on the figures from last year if you wish, but the new chart only shows those from the beginning of March. This is the one which will be updated, consider the other material as archive!

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The Excel file is also available here, to mess around with as you wish!


Here are the figures for 16 April. The Excel file is also available using the link below.

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If you want it, the Excel file is here – saved as an xls, to open in virtually any version. This will be put in your downloads folder. Note that it has the same name each week, so will overwrite your previous copy, unless you tell it not to.

I have also added another chart below, for 2 April. This will be updated occasionally. The axis has been changed, because of the size of the differences – the right hand set of data looks tiny by comparison. Obviously the highest figures are not shown, but they are on the other chart anyway. Incidentally I did try a logarithmic scale, but that looked even less useful!

For interest, click the headline below for a link to the Daily Mirror, which shows the figures for the whole country at the beginning of April. Scroll down to see them, then down even further (thankfully) to see Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole near the bottom.