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Message from Cllr DC Jones (from Facebook)

This is the most crucial month for Christchurch for almost 800 years. The Council will have to decide whether to destroy the Ancient Borough by submergence in a Greater Bournemouth (and readers might be interested to see the correspondence internet pages of The Echo on how well – or perhaps not – the present Bournemouth Council has looked after its Town Centre and other areas) or to seek to continue as a sovereign Council which is responsible to the people of Christchurch.
Letter from Poole Councillor, Phillip Eades, published in The Echo. (The link to the page, which includes comments, is below the article.) The demise of the historic boroughs of Poole and Christchurch is fast approaching. Under the cloak of a shockingly one-sided and biased ‘consultation’ exercise designed only to come up with one answer (for example “Do you agree that councils should provide value for money?” and “Do you agree the current councils are inefficient and waste public money?”) ruling Dorset Tories are determined to force through their plan of two new councils. East Dorset saw the Trojan Horse of Bournemouth expansion for exactly what it was early on in the process and appear to have managed to escape the clutches of the ‘large conurbation.’ Christchurch has been vocal in its opposition but seems to be being overruled by county colleagues who are being ordered to vote for the ‘medium conurbation.’ The exception to this opposition is Poole where the Tory councillors have been silent and have merely parroted the ‘Beesley line’ that Poole is too small to survive on its own and must merge (‘be taken over’). Members of the public can be assured that behind this whole merger idea is further expansion of Bournemouth using green belt land in both Poole and Christchurch. [Webmaster’s bold] There is no doubt that Merley and Bear Cross will suffer forever the loss of green fields and huge increases in traffic merely to allow Bournemouth to expand beyond its own current borders. Poole will see the downgrading of Poole’s A&E department (bizarrely concentrating resources miles away from Poole and Purbeck residents at Littledown). Coming down the line will be waste treatment expansion and gypsy and traveller sites which are bound to be sited in Poole not Bournemouth. There is nothing good in the merger process for Poole and I urge concerned local residents to contact their local Tory councillors as a matter of urgency to get them to vote to stop the super-Council now. Article link here

Cllr Philip Eades, Branksome West Ward, Borough of Poole

So, What Now?

Let Your Councillors Know

It is the New Year 2017 and many people, I am sure, think that with the consultation complete, there is nothing more that they can do. Surely it has already been decided, and the job is finished? In fact the final decision has not been made. On 30th January the Councils will meet. If just one rejects it, the proposal cannot be passed.

The constituents can still respond by writing to your Local Councillor and Chris Chope. A reminder of the options, and the contact details, are below, The Councillors, and Chris Chope, HAVE to pay attention to your communications.


Council Options

There is a full discussion of these choices here.

Who to Contact:


  • Email: Chopec@parliament.uk
  • By letter: Chris Chope Esq OBE MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA Or c/o C&EDCA, 18a Bargates, Christchurch, Dorset Bh23 1QL


You can find him or her using the following link: NOTE – Link now expired. http://moderngovcbc.christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx Just put in your postcode and scroll down to find the contact details for your Councillors.

4 thoughts on “2017 – Take Action”

  1. What a disgracefully misleading intro. “Destroy the ancient borough”? The proposal is simply to disband nine councils (including Christchurch) and replace them with two. Much more efficient. I haven’t seen anything that talks about towns being destroyed. How will Christchurch no longer be Christchurch just because it gets council services from a different council?

  2. This is what the website says about the urban council that Christchurch would get its services from:
    •A 21st century City by the Sea
    •Growth in digital and knowledge based economies
    •Nationally significant arts and culture
    •Housing that supports growth and meets local needs
    •Improved transport with London and the south east
    •Modern public service delivery
    •Investment in skills and cutting-edge research and development.

    Personally, I like the sound of it. There is more info here:

  3. I’m afraid you are incorrect in saying that one council can put a stop to this. Steve Humphrey on BBC South last night reported that no council can veto this as the Secretary of State can decide to impose change if a proposal is put to him, providing he thinks there is a proven case for it. His department gave very short shrift to Mr Chope in the Commons last week so I don’t think that his lobbying will carry much weight.

    Whether or not there is a case for change is of course up for debate. I hope people will take the time to look at the documents at http://www.reshapingyourcouncils.uk before making up their minds.

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