Merge with Bournemouth/Poole – Yes

Battle of Mudeford
Merge – No // True Democracy? Christchurch COUNCIL might be ok financially, but the services to us as residents aren’t, because most of the budget goes to the County Council. I don’t want to pay for two chief executives, two finance directors, two heads of HR, etc. What a waste of money. I’d rather that money was spent on frontline services … I trust those 5 miles down the road (in Bournemouth) much more than 35 miles down the road (in Dorchester) to look after, serve and protect my town. (Michael Wright, Oct 18) I would rather be served by a council that looks to earn from its assets, where appropriate, as the current Bournemouth Council does … I would rather an innovative, entrepreneurial  council that one which likes to stick with how it’s always been because that’s how it’s always been … (Michael Wright, Oct 19) There are … the benefits of economies of scale, fewer Councillors and the opportunity for a single Wessex powerhouse to punch its weight at last when applying for funding from Central government. (Local Born, Oct 25) The only way I see Christchurch surviving is becoming part of a one council conurbation joining forces with Bournemouth and Poole … Roads and transport are the two biggest headaches in the town, we need to work daily with Bournemouth and Poole on transport, even our road repairs have to be worked in conjunction with them, school holidays … this is the only way forward.  (BChristchurch, Oct 28)