More Action Needed!

You can still do something. The item by Christchurch Citizens Association (below the line) was published on the local website StreetLife. It is important that the full Council vote is taken into account by the Secretary of State, though Cllr Nottage may not wish it, of course!
From Christchurch Citizens Association: Newsletter (2) February 2017 Dear Members Thank you to all those who attended our meeting on Monday. It would seem that the other 6 Dorset Councils have now submitted their plans to include Christchurch, East Dorset District Council and Purbeck into two Unitary Authorities in Dorset against the wishes of Christchurch EDDC and Purbeck Councils which amazingly they are able to do. This proposal will be considered by the Secretary of State and a reply will be forthcoming as to his decision, we believe, at the end of March. For those members not at the meeting on Monday it was agreed by our Christchurch Councillors on 31 January to reject a merger with Bournemouth and Poole by a majority of 14 to 8 at the Council Meeting on 31 January. It was resolved at the CCA Meeting on Monday that the CCA should write to the Minister deploring the inclusion of our Borough and ignoring the wishes of the people. It was also agreed that as many members and residents as possible should also write to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Councils, Sajid Javid outlining their reasons to reject this proposal. We have also been asked to send copies of all letters to our MP Christopher Chope and also a copy to Marcus Jones MP, Minister for Local Government. The more letters they receive the better chance we have to stop this proposal. We have given names and addresses on the attached sheet, together with some bullet points which you may wish to consider in your letters. If you can write we are sure it will make a difference and help us retain our Borough for future generations. Please if you can get your friends and neighbours to send letters as well, each one will help Thank you CCA Committee

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  1. It is also worth a good look at the website and the pdf of the document that has been sent to the government. I am really failing to see why we would think this is a bad idea. Why do we want to retain Christchurch Council? The town will still be the town, no matter what.

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