Pancake Day


Although I would like to see Christchurch separate from Bournemouth (well Highcliffe really), I still think our council make little effort on ideas to keep council tax etc down and please the local community.  Having been into Bournemouth the last couple of Saturdays, I have to commend them for being switched on. In the town they had a Jazz singer performing with a band, the ice rink was almost ready in the park and stalls etc were in full swing. The whole place was buzzing around the park with different ideas. As far as our council, we get three or four stalls selling odd bits on a Sunday in Christchurch town, and a castle that is almost redundant in the winter. If only they could bring in real marketing people to make that place pay its way like other castles in the UK, money may be a little more plentiful for local-needed projects and keep council tax down. The only real answer they have had so far is things like Scottish dancing and to take wedding business away from places like The Lord Bute etc, who pay business rates to them for the pleasure anyway! Come on Sleepy Christchurch Council, start producing something exciting for the kids and adults alike that produces revenue without taking it from other local businesses. An ice rink at the castle in the winter for kids would be one great idea to start with.

Robert D, 5 November 2016

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