General Election 2019


On Thursday, December 19, 2019, the Christchurch Times published a short item about Sir Christopher Chope’s general election results, shown below. The heading is:

Vote Record is no bar for Sir Chris

I am not quoting the whole article, that would be unfair to the newspaper. The article described, ‘… trouble within his own constituency.’ Some notable phrases and facts are that it is still one of the safest seats in the country and that it was his tenth General election, the first being in 1983. His voting record and some comments made in Parliament, for example about the Upskirting Bill, had caused controversy, though Sir Christopher’s objection was to the procedures used rather than the actual Bills. Another major issue was the merger of the three Councils into just one, BCP, which he strongly objected to. The article concludes by telling us that turnout was 73.06%, with 52,249 votes cast.

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Election Date: Thursday, 12 December, 7am-10pm They’re open. Today the Polling Stations opened at 7am, and they will close at 10 tonight. The weather is absolutely dreadful, but do try to get there if you possibly can. Note that this page has been removed from the menu and archived on the Politics and News page. Click the images below for a larger version.
This page gives information about the various candidates for the Christchurch Constituency, including election literature, as I receive it. No personal opinions will be expressed, that is for you to decide. Currently there is only basic information, with a brief statement from each candidate as available or as I can fine. The official statement of nominees can be seen here (pdf, opens in a new window). Candidates are listed in Party order – Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat Straight to their election leaflets (open in a new window): Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat Second leaflets from two parties: Note that these quite large leaflets have been scanned quickly and reset  – the LibDem one had two folds, the Conservative one was A3. It has been done quickly as, in case you had forgotten, it is only a few days until polling! Obviously my name and address have been deleted. Both leaflets open in a new window.

Sir Christopher Chope (Conservative)

Sir Chris was a  barrister before becoming MP for Southampton Itchen in 1983, until he lost his seat in 1992. After some time with Ernst and Young, he was elected in 1997 to the Christchurch Constituency. He has held it ever since with, it is believed, the largest majority in the House of Commons. This is from The Echo:

Rumours that the veteran Christchurch MP Sir Chris Chope, who is understood to have the largest majority in the House of Commons, would not stand in the Brexmas election have been scotched by Sir Chris himself.

He has confirmed he will be standing in the December 12 poll. ‘It will be a Brexit election,’ he said, adding that he was keen to ‘get out campaigning’ so that ‘Britain could leave Europe.’

See his election leaflet

Update – Christchurch Times, 21 November

In a meeting in St Leonard’s on Saturday, 16 November the executive committee refused to endorse him as their choice in the first vote. It then went to a second-stage ballot, which he won. There were two opposing views:

    • Member Stephen Bath condemned Sir Christopher’s antics [sic] in voting down the Upskirting Bill and that on FGM. He said that campaigning for him was ‘out of the question’, and claimed that he knew of others who thought the same.
    • Lisle Smith, Chairman of the Christchurch & East Dorset Conservative Association, however, supported him, saying, ‘Sir Christopher has been campaigning for Christchurch & East Dorset for over twenty-two years. His commitment to ensuring the Government delivers Brexit, his work as. constituency MP with a reputation for holding Bureaucrats to account, plus his experience in helping to resolve issues for our residents meant that he was readopted as the candidate unopposed.’

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Chris Rigby  (Green)

Chris has lived in Dorset since 2009. He is employed as a project manager for a local firm, running their projects division who install Solar PV and green roofs amongst other rooftop products. In 2015 he stood as a Green Party candidate in the local elections, and this has led him to to stand again, this time for the Christchurch constituency. ‘I am standing on four key policies: ensuring the NHS remains in public ownership, fighting against austerity, opposing the Brexit at any cost mentality of the current government, and ensuring the future protection of our environment. I believe in working together with other parties, the creation of policies that benefit all, not just the elite, standing up for those who have no voice and promoting the politics of hope not hate.’ See his election leaflet.

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Andrew Dunne (Labour)

Andy graduated with a 2:1 Business Studies degree and in 2001 joined Hampshire Constabulary. After rising to the rank of Detective Sergeant, and having gained a wide range of knowledge and experience in departments such as Intelligence, and Serious and Organised Crime, he now runs a small local business making furniture from reclaimed wood. He dedicates his spare time as a volunteer at Somerford Youth and Community Centre and previously as a committee member of Christchurch Citizens’ Association, recently standing down to fight this election on behalf of local residents whilst not compromising the political neutrality of the association. His office said: ‘He will refuse to give in to any of the negative campaigning pursued by other local parties, because he believes in the Labour Party’s positive message that will be of great benefit to our area and residents.’ See his election leaflet.

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Mike Cox (Liberal Democrat)

Mike Cox lives locally in Hurn with his wife and family. Mike is a Chartered Accountant who established and runs his own firm of Chartered Accountants. Christine Payne, the Chair of the local party welcomed Mike Cox’s selection, saying: ‘Mike is a popular active member of the Local Party who will work hard on behalf of Christchurch Constituency residents if elected as our member of Parliament. He has the support of members and leads a willing band of supporters. I look forward to the day when he is elected to Parliament to serve as our MP – it will be the best thing to happen in Christchurch since we were represented by Baroness Diana Maddock.’ See the Twitter page here, and a video here.   See his election leaflet

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